Go beyond ordinary marketing to create extraordinary CX

Marketers win by knowing their customers best. DISQO deepens that connection, so you can create customer experiences that go beyond. 

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Make smarter marketing decisions

Know your customers and prospects better than your competitors do. Confirm your creatives are fit-for-audience and platform. Measure success holistically, even across multiple platforms.


Be the customer expert

  • Lead your category by knowing your customers and the whole market best. 
  • Learn from 2M+ people in DISQO’s audience who are ready to tell you what you need to know about their CX with your brand – and your competitors!
  • Remove guesswork from your marketing with sentiment and behaviors on one platform.
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Design breaktrough campaigns

  • Reduce your risk by learning what campaign messaging and creativity will resonate before you invest.
  • Understand the impact of your creatives on key metrics, from awareness to relatability and purchase intent.
  • Advocate for your campaign strategies in language the C-suite understands – data!
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Prove campaign effectiveness

  • Measure total campaign lift across all media, including digital, mobile, social, digital video, and CTV. 
  • Combine brand lift and outcomes lift measures from a single, objective source – even across siloed platforms!
  • Future-proof with fully consented campaign measurement. When the cookie crumbles, your marketing insights won’t.


Make all of your marketing decisions using data that you can trust.


Brand Lift

Measure full-funnel lift:awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.


Outcomes Lift

Understand impact of ads with validated behaviors: search, site visitation, shopping.


Ad Testing

Test creative before going live to optimize for KPIs.


Early Stage Discovery

Uncover unmet needs and opportunities for new products and features.


Concept Testing

Validate and fine-tune concepts and positioning.


Message Testing

Refine messaging prior to investing in creative.



Automate access to the largest direct US consumer audience.


Research Management

Let our team of experts ensure the success of complex projects.

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Head of Marketing

“DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens” by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.”

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