See every touchpoint

Customers move seamlessly across digital, social, mobile, CTV, TV and e-commerce. Now you can go with them.

Image of graphic illustration of a girl on a computer showing searching for different brands.

Your customers are inviting you to follow them.

They’ve opted in to share their complete journeys with you on the DISQO CX platform.

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Every message, every channel

Customers experience your brand on multiple channels — digital, social, mobile, CTV, TV and e-commerce platforms. Only DISQO sees across the silos to evaluate the impact of every message and the effectiveness of every channel. 


Don’t settle for fragments of your customers’ experience when you can understand the whole by measuring many media channels on one platform. 

Every moment in the journey

We asked your customers to let us measure touchpoints on their path to purchase and beyond. They said “yes.” You’re invited to follow them on the DISQO CX platform. 


The consent they’ve given means no more blind spots. DISQO’s scaled consumer audience shares touchpoints from their journeys using both surveys and opted-in desktop and mobile metering. 

Graphical image of a woman working on a laptop with cookies and internet search images around her. The cookies represent a cookieless future.

Future proof

When the cookie crumbles, your CX insights won’t. Our direct, consented consumer relationships mean our platform is here for the long haul. 


Your CX insights won’t be disrupted by evolving internet technologies and digital identifiers like cookies. We don’t work around the customer to capture their data. We simply give them a great experience for sharing. 

Start fast with Experience Suite

DISQO Experience Suite is the fast, flexible way to test your ideas with real customers. Get insights in minutes and bring customer data to every business decision.  Start your free trial today. 

  • Early stage discovery
  • Comparison testing
  • Concept testing
  • Custom surveys

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