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Go beyond what people say to understand what they do! Combine sentiment analysis with metered behavior for complete CX insight.

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Sentiment + behavior =
complete insight

Other CX platforms are limited to measuring what people say. Only DISQO combines sentiment with cross-platform insight into the actions consumers actually take on their buyer’s journey.


What people think

Discover how people feel about your messages and creative before you go in market, and measure the impact on sentiment and brand perception when your campaigns run. DISQO’s single-source audience fuels the CX platform that let’s you do it all.

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What people do

People might like your ad, but did it actually prompt them to action? Did they visit your site? An e-commerce platform? A competitor? With DISQO, person-level behavioral signals show campaign impacts on behavior, even across different platforms. 

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What they buy, and why

What if you could measure your campaign’s impact on behavior all the way through to purchase? What if you could analyze both consumer sentiment and behavior to understand not just what people buy, but why? With DISQO’s scaled audience and advanced customer experience platform, you can!

Full-cycle CX solutions

Deep consumer insights, product testing, ad testing, campaign lift measurement, and customer feedback, we help you keep customers at the center of every decision.

Power insights with the largest single-source consumer audience.

Only DISQO directly powers your research with the largest single-source consumer audience. Our fully-consented audience fuels better insights with scale, quality, and unique behavioral targeting.

Measure brand lift and real-world outcomes without blind spots.

Test ad creative for every campaign before you invest. Then, measure total lift across all media platforms — including TV, CTV, mobile, social, and digital.

Put your customer at the center of every product decision.

Confirm product/market fit, build based on data, and launch with confidence. DISQO supports innovators throughout the product lifecycle. 

Get rapid feedback and bring customer data to every business decision.

DISQO Experience Suite is the fast, flexible way to get customer feedback you can rely on. 

Get started with Experience Suite

DISQO’s agile research and testing platform, Experience Suite, let’s you make every decision impacting your customers with ultimate confidence, speed and efficiency.
  • Early-stage discovery
  • Comparison testing
  • Concept testing
  • Custom survey

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