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Access the largest single-source consumer audience in the U.S. DISQO’s 2M+ audience, everyone opted in, represent your current customers, prospective customers, and even your competitors’ customers. 

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Largest U.S. consumer audience
sharing zero-party data

Your customers and prospects are opted in to share their customer experiences.

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Consumers trust DISQO to share their perceptions of brands, products, and services.

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Want to know what your customers really think? Our 100% direct audience will tell you. 

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Measure media exposure, browsing, search, and e-commerce… see the whole consumer journey. Connect what people think to what they actually do!

The DISQO difference

We help leaders grow beyond the customers they already have. 

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Current Customers

With 2M+ active members, you’ll find it easy to reach and learn from your current customer base in the DISQO audience.


Target Customers

Go beyond your current customer base. Discover new ways to grow with CX insights from the exact consumers you’d like to acquire.

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Competitors' Customers

What do people love or hate about your competition? What would motivate them to switch? DISQO uniquely gives you the opportunity to find out. 

Ultimate targeting precision

Combine demographic and behavioral targeting to reach the right people every time.

Reach your perfect audience with a wider range of demographic filters, plus DISQO’s unique behavioral targeting. You’ll connect to just the right people, with precision you’ve never seen before.


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Parental status


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Why do people take surveys?

People want to have an influence over the brands, products and services they bring into their lives. They’re also motivated by the opportunity to… 

Share their opinions
Satisfy curiosity about a survey topic
Learn about new products and services
Influence the decisions brands make
Earn rewards

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