Because you need to understand the whole customer journey

DISQO is a new kind of CX platform for understanding every customer… every touchpoint… and every outcome.

Every customer. Every touchpoint.
Every outcome!

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Every customer

Learn from the customers you have and the customers you want. All of your target customers, even your competitors’ customers. They’re all represented in DISQO’s single-source audience of 2M+ consumers. They’ve opted in to share their opinions and digital behaviors with you.

Every touchpoint

Get holistic, single-source insights across all media, social, and e-commerce platforms. DISQO’s audience is 100% direct and opted in to share their opinions and digital behaviors with you. 


Finally, this means you’re invited to see how people interact with your brand across digital, TV, CTV, social, mobile, and retail sites. Measure every message, across every channel, at every moment in the journey.

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Outcomes lift illustration showing the relation of ad exposure to purchase

Every outcome

Understand sentiment and behavior throughout the customer journey. Because select members of DISQO’s audience opt in to share their digital behaviors, you can go beyond just what people say. Understand what people think, what people do, what they buy, and why. 

Innovations to transform every customer experience

DISQO let’s you see beyond what others can see, so you can go beyond what others can do. 

Unlock peerless insights with the largest single-source consumer audience.

Only DISQO powers your research with the largest, direct and single-source consumer audience. Our fully consented audience fuels better insights with scale, quality, and unique behavioral targeting.

Advertise with confidence and measure your campaigns’ brand lift and outcomes lift without blind spots.

First, test ad creative for every campaign before you invest. Then, measure total lift across all media platforms — digital, social, CTV, mobile, e-commerce, and TV.

Put your customers at the center of every product development decision.

Confirm product/market fit, build based on data, and launch with confidence. DISQO supports innovators throughout the product lifecycle. 

Get rapid customer feedback, and confidently make every decision based on what’s right for your customers. 

DISQO Experience Suite is the fast, flexible way to get customer feedback you can rely on… whenever you need it. 

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