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The new way for media publishers to prove the value of audience and ad inventory

Go beyond ratings and demonstrate the real impact of ads on your platform. DISQO’s single-source ad measurement objectively measures both brand lift and behavioral impact.


Grow your ad revenue by showing validated results.

Take control over your measurement. DISQO gives media publishers a single source, objective measurement of ad effectiveness on their platform. 

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Win new business

  • Go beyond demographics and household ratings. Media publishers trust DISQO to show advertisers the true power of their audience and platform.
  • Dig deep into your advertisers’ target audiences to show you understand their customers and objectives.
  • Pitch your brand clients on advertising and sponsorship formats you know will work, by testing your ideas before entering the board room.
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Exceed advertiser expectations

  • Test clients’ ad campaigns pre-flight to give them data-driven feedback from real people in your audience.
  • Demonstrate the total effectiveness of ads on your platform. DISQO’s cross-platform brand lift tracks ad impact across digital, social, mobile,  and CTV.
  • Increase ad value DISQO outcomes lift. Consented behavior metering shows what your audience actually does post ad exposure. 
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Optimize your platform

  • Test your brand content and marketing to make sure it’s what your audience wants. Show clients that new content will be a hit.
  • Take control over your measurement. DISQO reduces media publisher’s reliance on non-objective partners. 
  • Future-proof your proof of value.  When the cookie crumbles, your measurement of platform effectiveness won’t.


Measure the power of your media publishing platform.


Brand Lift

Measure full-funnel lift: awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.


Outcomes Lift

Understand the impact of ads with validated behaviors: search, site visitation, and shopping.


Ad Testing

Test creative before going live to optimize for KPIs.



Automate access to the largest direct US consumer audience.


Research Management

Let our team of experts ensure the success of complex projects.

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