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DISQO's audience and CX platform bring new power to your market research.

More than a hundred leading market research firms trust DISQO. Our single-source direct consumer audience gives two million reasons why.

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Better audience for better market research

Only DISQO offers the largest single-source consumer audience. More than two million opted-in consumers fuel your market research with scale, quality, and unique behavioral targeting.



  • Millions of people opt-in to share opinions and digital behaviors with you.
  • Don’t compete for completes. Skip the line with API access.
  • Or, power your market research with our industry-leading managed services.


  • Gather market research insights directly from real consumers.
  • 100% of DISQO’s audience is directly validated.
  • We never dilute research quality by aggregating audiences from other sources.
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Behavioral Targeting

  • Go beyond traditional profiling data for better research insights.
  • Screen respondents by their actual digital behavior.
  • Target specialized audiences, even customers of your client’s competitors.


Power your market research your way



Automate access to the largest direct US consumer audience.


Research Management

Let our team of experts ensure the success of complex projects.

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DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens’’ by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.
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Bruce Williams
Head of Marketing
DISQO’s huge, 100% first-party audience delivers the data accuracy and quality our clients deserve, and this fits with our mission to solve researchers’ problems with maximum efficiency.
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John Zarrella

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