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When everyone turns to you for answers, turn to us. Researchers trust DISQO to power their insights with single-source audience and unique platform capabilities.

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Why researchers trust DISQO

Scale and speed, data quality, and unique behavioral targeting let researchers reach the right consumers every time.


Scale & Speed

  • Gather insights from 2M+ people. Researchers use DISQO to access real consumers in their target audience.
  • Don’t waste your researchers’ time aggregating from secondary sources. 100% of your sample comes directly from the DISQO audience. 
  • Don’t compete for completes. Researchers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their studies will complete on time.
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  • Direct consumer relationships mean quality is assured from the start. We never aggregate audiences from other sources.
  • Let DISQO keep the bad actors out. Our AI models verify each person from onboarding to study completion.
  • DISQO uniquely employs robust human verification because we manage our own audience.

Behavioral targeting

  • Go beyond demographics. DISQO let’s you select consumers based on validated digital behavior.
  • Researchers use DISQO’s precise targeting to reach specialized survey targets, such as a client’s customers or even those of competitors.
  • Understand the whole consumer journey. Members of DISQO’s audience are opted in to metering of online behaviors.


Researchers create quality insights with DISQO



Automate access to the largest direct US consumer audience.


Research Management

Let our team of experts ensure the success of complex projects.

Trusted by

John Zarella


“DISQO’S huge, 100% first-party audience delivers the data accuracy and quality our clients deserve, and fits with our mission to solve researchers’ problems with maximum efficiency.”

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Jerry Thomas 


“We choose DISQO because of is large and continuously updated panel, advanced sampling systems and leadership in fraud detection.”

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Jennifer McMillion

Account Executive

“DISQO’s partnership brings an experience factor to our audience needs that’s hard to find in the industry these days. they always come through for us when we need them.”

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