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02/05/20 Protecting People, Not Just Data: What Consumers Trust by Industry Suggests About Privacy DISQO’s Barbie Koelker shares the results of a recent consumer trust study, highlighting the importance of giving people an informed choice in the data they share. Street Fight Magazine
01/28/20 New Study: Shining a Spotlight on Voter Behaviors & Attitudes DISQO releases its Voter Spotlight, which shines a light on the behaviors & attitudes of United States voters as we enter the 2020 election season. DISQO
01/13/20 DISQO Named a Top Place to Work by Builtin LA Builtin LA released their 2020 Best Places to Work lists, naming DISQO among the top midsize companies, as well as among the companies with the best benefits Builtin LA
01/03/20 The Call for Clarity: How Measurement Will Change in 2020 DISQO’s Stephen Jepson discusses the future of ad measurement, exploring how KPIs are changing and how cookies will give way to first-party connections. MarTech Advisor
12/19/19 New Study Helps Understand Consumer Sentiment Related to Ad Relevance MarTech Advisor covers the key takeaways from DISQO’s Ad Relevance study, exploring the impact advertising has on consumer attitudes. MarTech Advisor
12/17/19 How Market Researchers Can Understand Online Consumers Path from Discovery to Purchase DISQO’s Carl Van Ostrand shares the power of layering behavioral and attitudinal data to researchers can glean a robust and accurate understanding of their audiences. CustomerThink
12/16/19 DISQO Named Among Top Companies to Work for in Los Angeles Builtin LA honors DISQO among the 50 best midsize companies to work for in Los Angeles, a testament to the organization’s culture, benefits, and technology. Builtin LA
12/13/19 Are Ad Placements Hitting the Mark? WWD writer Alexandra Pastore covers DISQO’s Ad Relevance Study, which illuminates the need for marketers to use better insights to uncover what meaningfully interests audiences. Women’s Wear Daily
11/21/19 Retailers Uncover a Clear View of Consumer Behaviors with DISQO Retailers and brands now have clearer visibility into previously inaccessible online shopping behaviors, thanks to innovative new technology revealed by consumer insights platform DISQO. Wire
10/22/19 DISQO Quantifies the Consumer Recall Gap in New Report DISQO releases new study that assesses the variation between what consumers recall shopping for online versus their actual behaviors, which is known as the consumer recall gap. Wire
10/02/19 How 4 LA Tech Companies Think About Ethical Data Use DISQO CEO & Co-founder Armen Adjemian shares DISQO’s principles regarding ethical data use. Builtin LA
09/18/19 DISQO Appoints Jean-Philippe Durrios as CFO & COO DISQO announces the addition of JP Durrios to its executive team. Wire
07/05/19 DISQO Opens Chicago Office DISQO announces the addition of its most recent office in Chicago. Wire
04/08/19 Human Recall is Not Perfect: A Quantified View of Self-Reported vs. Behavioral Data Human recall is far from perfect, yet it is heavily relied on when conducting shopper research. GreenBook Blog
04/03/19 5 LA Tech Companies Investing in Innovative Thinkers A list of fast-growing companies in LA who are looking for their next great hire. Built in LA
12/05/18 DISQO Expands Glendale HQ After 3 years of rapid growth, the DISQO headquarters has moved to a new building in Glendale, California. Wire
10/15/18 DISQO Co-Founder: We are Looking for Talents in Armenia DISQO Co-Founder & CTO notes that they plan to hire technical specialists in Armenia in the upcoming years. Itel
10/14/18 Stephen Jepson Joins DISQO as Executive Vice President of Sales for Advertising Measurement In a continuous effort to provide only the highest consumer data to marketers worldwide, DISQO has announced the addition of Stephen Jepson to its talented team. Wire
10/01/18 DISQO Opens Office in Armenia DISQO announces the addition of its international office in Armenia. Wire
08/14/18 DISQO Raises $13.5 Million to Bring First-Party Data at Scale to Decision Makers DISQO announces a $13.5 million Series A financing round led by Alpha Edison along with participation from existing investor Bonfire Ventures. Wire
08/11/18 Active Measure Rebrands to DISQO Our new brand captures the essence of what we do today, and will carry us forward into the future as we continue to grow and build new solutions for our clients. Wire
09/13/17 DISQO Opens Office in Connecticut Due to accelerated business growth, DISQO has announced that it is opening an office in Connecticut. Wire
09/06/17 Bonnie Breslauer Joins DISQO’s Executive Team in a New Role Bonnie joins DISQO as Chief Customer Officer, helping to guide the company’s strategic vision and positioning. Wire
02/20/17 Ted Bouzakis Joins DISQO as Executive Vice President of Sales Ted joins the team at DISQO as EVP of Sales, responsible for developing new business opportunities and delivering quality solutions to customer needs. Wire