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DISQO releases industry-first unified ad effectiveness normative benchmarks

DISQO’s single-source CX intelligence platform enables brands to benchmark full-funnel...

CX Intelligence Platform DISQO welcomes Nicholas Weaver as VP Engineering

CX intelligence platform DISQO welcomes Nicholas Weaver as VP Engineering

DISQO taps Google Alum Nicholas Weaver to scale DISQO’s CX...

Do the WeRQ and DISQO CX Insights on LGBTQ+ ads, audiences and allyship

DISQO & Do the WeRQ CX insights on LGBTQ+ ads and audiences

Marketing to LGBTQ+ audiences must be integrated and mainstreamed 85%...

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online community with 1.5 million+ active members sharing zero-party data to fuel your insights advantage.

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  • share behaviours 1B digital touchpoints monthly
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Access the largest proprietary audience in the US instantly via the DISQO Research API

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We chose to partner with DISQO because of their leadership in fraud detection technology, their large and continuously updated U.S. panel, and their advanced sampling systems.”

Jerry W. Thomas


Scale and speed

Start fielding your projects in seconds

Get priority access to qualified panelists with your own direct connection to quality audience

Gain efficiency and speed while improving data integrity, 96% of DISQO responses are accepted by our API clients

Skip the complexities of building your own fraud detection system. We use machine learning, biometrics, and other proprietary techniques on an ongoing basis to keep the bots and fraudsters out

Performance and precision

Unleash your fullest insights potential with maximum control

Optimize survey performance and completes across a broad spectrum of study types

Leverage over 100 user attributes to enable additional targeting, adapt allocations, and control how many panelists enter or complete a survey

Adapt research in-flight through accessible endpoints to check feasibility, create projects and update quotas

Fast and flexible

Get moving quickly and lean on us when you need it

API access with flexible configuration and simple set up

Automated and persistent anti-fraud technology means bad respondents are continually being filtered out

When survey complexity demands it, our managed services can provide personalized support

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