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CX at Collision 2022

DISQO and Collision where CX is top of mind

Collision at The 6ix

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While Toronto, aka “the 6ix,” a nickname based on its 416 area code, is known for the cold, June was definitely hot and not just because of the 90+ degree weather. The global Collision conference, known as the “Olympics of Tech,” kicked off in the city. The event certainly lived up to its hype as start-ups, big names, and international tech companies all convened to learn from each other and grow. DISQO was on site to hear what our clients are thinking and share in the star-studded experience – did we mention that Carmelo Anthony and Lupita Nyong’o were there?

Here are a few of our key takeaways.

Customer experience (CX) is top of mind 

A plethora of topics were covered during 100+ tracks and sessions, with customer experience shining through as one of the hottest areas of discussion and debate. McDonald’s Chief Loyalty and Engagement Officer, Allegra Krishnan, highlighted how brands should always test, iterate, learn, and scale their campaigns to deliver memorable experiences for their customers. The big idea is that brands should personalize customer experience by listening better. Creating and optimizing campaigns using sound insights can increase a consumers’ willingness to share about themselves with brands, as Sprinklr’s Ragy Thomas noted in his talk on what impacts consumer purchase decisions. 

Brands aren’t powerless over CX

It’s not completely up to the customer to make all of the decisions about their experiences, according to Qualcomm’s CMO, Donny McGuire. He discussed how customers often don’t necessarily know what they’re looking for, and how this is an opportunity for brands to engage, learn and help shape their expectations. Additionally, while most brands focus on getting the customer to the point of purchase, it’s actually far more important to make sure that the post purchase experience is as seamless as possible. This will allow brands to  nurture existing customers and increase the likelihood that information those customers share will elevate the brand to others.

The customer experience is not one-and-done

Maintaining a great relationship with your customers is a never ending process. Gusto’s Chief Design Officer, Amy Thibideau, mentioned that while it’s okay to build the full customer journey from the start, a brand should always be willing to adapt, as consumers’ attitudes can change on a whim. That is even more applicable today as most consumers have a multitude of touchpoints with a brand throughout the customer journey. For example, with the recent introduction of the Metaverse, brands need to assess whether this new channel should become part of their marketing mix. As Interbrand Group’s Global President, Gonzalo Brujo discussed, it’s a new option that can replace or complement the current media roster. 

Keep your current customers’ hot streak going

NP Digital’s Co-founder, Neil Patel, highlighted that approximately 65% of a brand’s overall revenue comes from existing and returning loyal customers. This illustrates how important it is to mind your customers’ experience holistically, using both behavioral and attitudinal insights. Nurturing customers who have raised their hands and engaged, purchased, or even followed your social media channels should be as important – if not more so – than acquiring new customers. 

The bottom line: brands need CX understanding they can trust

This year’s Collision Conference showed how imperative a customer experience (CX) mindset is to a brand’s short- and long-term success, and DISQO’s here to help. Through our CX platform, clients are able to build advantage-driving understanding of their customers. We empower them to learn about every customer and prospect, at every touchpoint in their journeys and measure every outcome. Want to learn more? Write to us at [email protected]


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