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Zero-party data solutions in a cookie-less world

Meet Essa, Lead Product Manager at BarCamp Yerevan

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DISQO is proud to sponsor BarCamp Yerevan, an event featuring workshops with user-generated content on the internet and technology. BarCamp is popular internationally — and particularly in Yerevan where people are gravitating to the expanding tech scene. Among DISQO’s representatives this year is Essa, Lead Product Manager at our Yerevan tech and operations hub. We caught up with Essa to discuss his excitement for the return of BarCamp and the details of his presentation:

What: Zero-party data in a cookie-less world
When: Saturday, July 10, 2021, 2;30 pm
Where: Manoogian hall, American University of Armenia 

What makes you excited about BarCamp?

The tech sector is very important to Armenia’s future, and the energy is palpable as the people within the community gather to share ideas and talk about our country’s progress becoming a force in the international technology and business economy. BarCamp is a great networking opportunity. I always meet new people, experienced and advancing, who are interested in working in product development. This is vital for DISQO as we’re constantly looking for talented new team members to  join our fast-growing product organization.

You plan to talk about “zero-party data;” can you tell us what this means and what the audience should expect?

Yes, I’ll be talking about how zero-party data is the solution for the coming “cookie-less” world. Everyone knows that third-party cookies are already imperfect identifiers for consumers and their behaviors online. This is only going to get worse. Today, one of the biggest questions facing businesses is how they’ll continue to know their customers. How will they build products and services that meet their customers’ needs? And how will they communicate with consumers in a rapidly changing digital media environment, where technologies such as cookies, device IDs and other identifiers are becoming more limited or going away altogether? The answer is “zero-party” data — data people voluntarily share with companies through platforms they trust, like DISQO. 

How is DISQO building products for the cookie-less world?

DISQO is an audience insights platform with millions of members in the US, Canada and Australia. Our members answer questions that brands have about their opinions and experiences with products and services. Many of them also opt-in to let us see their online behaviors (browsing, searching, shopping and more) using our technology. Our members trust us to share information, and we build technology products for business clients that enable them to combine sentiment (opinions) and outcomes (behaviors). It’s a very powerful combination that enables brands to create breakthrough insights into what their customers think and do. DISQO is growing quickly because we’re preparing brands, ad agencies, media publishers and market researchers for the next era of marketing. In fact, our mission is “to build the most trusted insights platform that fuels brand growth.”

Do you see consumers playing a more active role in how companies market to them in the future?

Yes. People are now coming to know that when they are surfing the internet, consuming content or searching for products and services, they are emanating data. The same is true when they are walking down the street, if they have their phone with them — which of course they almost always do! DISQO is proactive in our efforts to help people understand the value of their data when we talk to them about joining our audience platform. Their data has value and we encourage them to be rewarded for sharing it. By participating, consumers also help to shape the brands and products they later consume. 

What qualities do you look for in someone who wants to join DISQO?

In my opinion, the most important qualification for joining us is holding a growth mindset, which is one of our company values. We’re looking for people who are driven to build things that create growth for our clients. Successful DISQO team members are always looking for their next big challenge. Also uber-important is being collaborative and exemplifying what it means to be a team player. With these two things and our dedication to servant leadership, people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences can be successful at DISQO. 

What is it like to work on your product team?

The whole company operates around shared goals with an Agile product management methodology and mindset, and we make all decisions based on data. This brings so much clarity of purpose to everyone. We always have a plan, but we adapt when the environment changes — or when the data from our business outcomes tell us to. We are always sure of our personal, team, and company impact because of the way we operate. Unlike other workplaces where people work hard but may not know if they are making a difference, at DISQO, you can be sure of our personal and professional growth. 

Finally, tell us a little bit about how you and DISQO give back to Armenia.

This is one of the most gratifying things about working with DISQO. The company truly cares about its people and communities. I’m proud DISQO delivered two training courses for the veterans of the second war in Artsakh. We have zero attrition in the training which has now grown to 15 people each. This year, we also launched a Data Science internship that had 260 applicants. And, we’re also right now working with the Armenian Code Academy to support trainees with high demand  skills that will equip them for roles with DISQO or other local companies. We are committed to doing our part in growing the entire Armenian tech community and this is just the beginning. 

To learn more about working for DISQO and to see current openings, visit our careers page.

DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens’’ by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.”

Bruce Williams

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