The average person spends more than 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime — it goes without saying that such a great portion of our lives should be spent in a meaningful environment with work perks that nurtures our growth and happiness beyond the average perks. Although the definition of happiness at work reasonably varies for people, a comfortable work environment is a great start. But a fun, flexible environment like DISQO’s? Those are rare perks.

So, what are the things that make DISQO uniquely fun?

The cultural space is one-of-a-kind in the way that it has built an environment that facilitates happy interactions across departments, experience levels, and backgrounds. The DISQO family is diverse, open, and friendly.

“The people — from the C-suite level to the interns, everyone at DISQO is wonderful!”

Morgan Gardella, Brand Development Manager

The DISQO team coordinates fun events to bring everyone together. Although we may not all work together on a daily basis, events like happy hours, lunch trivia, backyard games, and quarterly outings make it easy to stay connected with awesome people despite departmental distance.

“Fun people and the events hosted by DISQO!”

Pouya Karimi, Senior Software Engineer

It’s not just the cultural space that fosters a good environment, though — the physical space helps as well. With an array of rooms and areas open for use, the DISQO offices offer flexibility with workspaces. Whether you prefer to work away with your peers at your desk, you need a hideaway to deep dive into a work session or you just want to catch up for a bit, our offices provide a variety of space options.

“The numerous flexible spaces give you the freedom to find a quiet corner

when you want to focus or casually meet up with other coworkers and chat!

Barbie Koelker, VP Marketing

It’s not just talk on our part, we have the recognition to back it up. 

As one of BuiltInLA’s Best Midsize Companies in Los Angeles, we think we’ve earned the right to say it.

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