It’s almost time for the Insights Association’s Converge event, a conference where data science, market research, and analytics professionals come together for empowering conversations and insights. Hosted in Los Angeles, California on December 10th and 11th, IA Converge specializes in all things data, equipping guests with the tools they need to help grow their own companies.

From merging business operations and refreshing brand strategy to collecting consumer data and maintaining data integrity, IA Converge will provide a wealth of knowledge to anyone who attends.

Keynote speakers include Ben Jones from Data Literacy, Andrew Jones-Rooy from NYU, and Kaliya Young, author and tech influencer. Here are a few of the sessions we are excited about:

Synthesize More, Analyze Less – How AI Can Make Insight Generation Faster & EasierDec. 10th, 1 to 1:15pm
John Mitchell, President & Managing Principal at Applied Marketing Science, explains the science and art behind convolutional neural networks and how it can dramatically reduce the time and effort in understanding customer needs.

How Contextual Intelligence Will Shape How We Predict Human BehaviorDec. 10th, 1:15 to 1:30pm
Ujwal Arkalgud, Co-Founder & CEO of MotivBase, introduces the idea of Contextual Intelligence and how it can be used to decode trends and quantify new demand spaces to make better predictions.

The Role of Human Intuition in AnalyticsDec. 11th, 8:45 to 9:30am
Ben Jones, Founder & CEO of Data Literacy, talks about how human intuition plays a critical role in the analytics process.

Unlocking Social Intelligence Through Centralized Query CurationDec. 11th, 11:55am to 12:25pm
Angie Aldape, Social Insights Director at Microsoft, and Melissa MacGregor, Research Manager at Microsoft, explain how a centralized query framework can address issues of fragmented data.

Emerging Data Collection MethodsDec. 11th, 1:40 to 2:10pm
Professionals from Coy Innovation, Measure Protocol, Methodify/Delvinia, and Deckchair Data discuss new techniques, both passive and active, of collecting information about consumers.

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