As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of the holiday season, a celebration marathon takes off for many of us — food, family, friends, repeat — and it all starts with Thanksgiving. The flurry of emotions from exhaustion to happiness that comes with the season can sometimes distract us from the things that make it special. At DISQO, we like to take a step back to reflect on what we are thankful for.

While the DISQO family is grateful for family and friends in general like many, it’s the little experiences with them that define that feeling.

“I’m thankful for my family: those I’m related to, the friends that are always there, and those who endure my sometimes-not-so-gouda puns every week at DISQO,” said Barbie Koelker.

As for plans, the team will be attending dinners hosted by someone else (55.6%), spending time with family and friends (50%), and shopping Black Friday deals (22.2%) for the most part.



Most were thankful for the basics like food, health, family and other loved ones like the DISQO team members that make the everyday environment even better.

Just as everyone’s experiences and thanks vary, their ways of showing gratitude do, as well. 

“I express my thanks by doing random acts of helpfulness throughout the year,” said Ciara Windom. Other people shared that they express their gratitude by committing random acts of kindness, donating blood, paying it forward, and the classic but often overlooked verbal thanks. However and wherever they express it, the DISQO teams give back to the people and communities that support them every day.

So, as we take time away from our everyday to appreciate all the good that has come our way this year, thank you to all who have made 2019 so spectacular!

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