Annually, data, communication, and technology professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia come together in Tbilisi to connect and explore opportunities in the world of big data. For three days, Tbilisi Data Festival becomes a floor for them to share their knowledge, collaborate, and network with one another. Around 900 delegates discuss topics like data for business and marketing, data science and AI, data visualization, and other data related subject areas.

This year, Tbilisi Data Fest will take place from November 14th to the 16th at Tbilisi State University. The speakers come from respected data companies, organizations, and startups. DISQO’s Data Scientist, Davit Abgaryan, will be a speaker at the event, too.

Davit will have a session with a topic on “Churn Prediction with Machine Learning: Approaches and Challenges.” To share his knowledge and experiences, Davit will discuss customer retention for businesses. Going further, he will present technical aspects as well by introducing Machine Learning models as powerful tools for predicting the churn and providing actionable results.

Interested in the talk? Tickets are available on the DataFest Tbilisi website. More details about the talk and the agenda will be updated on the website.

About DataFest

Founded in 2017, DataFest Tbilisi aims to support cross-sector and cross-border cooperation, strengthening communities, and inspiring individuals to pursue and explore opportunities created by data and technology. Organized by ForSet and Digital Communication Network, it is the first annual international data event in South Caucasus for marketing specialists, business professionals, data analysts, developers, and data-enthusiasts from other specialties.