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DISQO Profile: Getting to Know Armine Saghatelyan

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Working in a tech startup with a rapid growth requires ownership, responsibility, and flexibility from the team. It may sound challenging, but not for Armine Saghatelyan, our Data Analyst in Yerevan, who joined DISQO with a very important mission: to deliver value by uncovering meaningful insights from robust datasets. How does she create that value while also growing and uplifting others on the team? We sat down with her to find it out for this week’s DISQO profile.

The Day-to-Day

“What’s my day like at DISQO? I torture data until it confesses,” jokes Armine. Her typical day starts with prioritizing the requests she receives from the sales and product teams. Most often, she can be found creating dashboards that clearly visualize the story behind the dataset or product she is working on. Whether the goal is to help a client better understand their audience or help DISQO better visualize the impact it is driving for our customers, Armine strives to continually improve how we interpret & communicate data-driven insights.

Discovering Data Analytics

Before becoming a data analyst at DISQO, Armine began her career as a developer. After 5 years in web programming, she was drawn in a new direction by graduate school research:

“I became interested in data analytics while writing my Master’s research on neural networks.”

This interest led Armine to pursue a new role in business intelligence, where she spent 2 years conducting BI analysis. Invigorated by the process of finding the story within the data, Armine knew it was time for the next chapter:

“After applying my skills and knowledge in Business Intelligence analysis, I decided to broaden the scope of my career in data analysis, and DISQO was the right place for it.”

Working on rich behavioral datasets is a unique & satisfying experience for Armine. , “Here, my work not only impacts the business internally, but it also delivers an important value for our clients. This is both challenging and motivating for me.”

Continuously Growing

Since Armine has joined the DISQO team, she notes she has grown in two distinct ways: both in her technical skills and in her approach to work. With respect to tech, Armine is happy to report that she has extended her tech stack by learning leading methods of working with data as well as working on cloud technologies and using best-in-class analytics tools.

With respect to her approach to work, Arminee draws attention to the “startup mindset” that she adopted during her work here. “Startup life is different, because we need to be open for criticism, flexible for changes, and ready for new responsibilities to drive the business forward.”

Acting as a Resource

That startup mindset carries over to how Armine collaborates. Every week, Armine creates flexible structures and processes that can accommodate an ever-growing team. One way she accomplishes this is by nurturing the growth of interns. For instance, one recent intern on her team is now an Associate Data Analyst!

Interestingly, Armine confides that much of her adaptability comes from her past experience working at larger companies, where she saw how established processes and structure affected daily operations. “The scope of my work is a bit different here, but I’m happy to be a resource for my team by keeping my eye on the bigger picture and anticipating what’s needed next.”

At the same time, there’s always someone Armine can turn to for guidance. “For strategic and leadership advice, our Engineering Director, Harutyun Baghdasaryan, is always a big help. For technical support and solutions, my team is always there for me.”

Outside the Office

Just as Armine finds data analysis to be a rather creative process, so she loves even more creative activities when she’s outside the office. In particular, Armine enjoys painting, playing piano, and singing. “In general, I’m in love with life and I always try to get the most out of it,” she said with her usual big smile on her face.

As a cheerful person in love with life, Armine has favorites of almost everything. Here are a few:

  • Favorite animal: Cats. She loves all animals, but cats are her favorite. “Cats are symbols of mystery… I associate them with exploring the unknown.”
  • Favorite apps: TechCrunch, Star Walk, & Smule. Armine couldn’t narrow it down to just one app. For news, she turns to TechCrunch. To satiate her interest in exploring the stars and universe, Armine uses Star Walk. Finally, Armine windes down on Smule, where she sings a bit of karaoke from time to time.
  • Favorite music: EDM. When it comes to music, Armine is among the most passionate in the Yerevan office. “Lately I’ve been listening to edm music. It’s a kind of a new world for me. I also like Techno, Psy Trance and Deep House.”

That love for music also carries over into her daily commute, where Armine confesses she can be found dancing while in the car. “Don’t worry! I haven’t had any accidents, and I’m a safe driver.”

(As concerning as this confession was to hear, we’re at least happy to know that her eyes are on the road during her dance-alongs.)

After Armine is done with her daily dance & drive, her happy energy carries through as she walks into the office, where she likes to randomly greet people in different languages. What’s the reaction? “Usually, my colleagues think that I forgot to say hello.”

Looking Ahead

When chatting about the future of the industry, Armine shared 3 things she expects to change over the next 3 years:

  1. “Firstly, I expect to see more companies running their business with data-driven decisions. Data will become the future of tech companies.”
  2. “As the demand for useful data increases, it increases the demand of specialists in the field. Hence, I think that the educational programs in this industry will evolve and improve rapidly in the near future.”
  3. “Last but not least, I think that there will be more tech products that will also provide product analytics and insights along with their main features and services.”

Until then, we asked Armine for a more personal & immediate prediction: what advertisement does she think she will be targeted with next, and why? Armine believes it will be an ad for AR/VR products on Amazon, because that’s what she mostly digs into.

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