Soon, thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs will gather  for Glendale Tech Week, a celebration of innovation in California’s fastest growing hub for tech startups.

During the week’s festivities, DISQO will be hosting a session exploring how the right cloud architecture can help businesses drive growth. Titled “Monolith to Microservices: Driving Business Value with Cloud Native Architecture”, the presentation will be lead by Marc Bittner, Director of Platform Engineering at DISQO.

Join us as at 7pm on Wednesday, September 18th at the DISQO headquarters for a thought provoking exploration of:

  • How micro is measured
  • Why many services are easier to wrangle than a monolith
  • The benefits of loose coupling
  • What we can aspire to achieve in the process
  • …and more

Attending is free, and additional information about the event is available on the Glendale Tech Week website.

In addition, DISQO’s very own Tania Sahakian will be speaking on the “Emerging Tech Hubs: Glendale and Yerevan” panel on Saturday, September 14th. Hosted by the Glendale Chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America, this event will explore the burgeoning tech industry growth found in both Glendale and Yerevan, establishing a bridge between the two tech communities. 

The free event is currently sold out, but be sure to follow the event page for opportunities to RSVP, or simply swing by the Glendale Central Library on the day of the event!

About The Event

Founded in 2016, Glendale Tech Week is an initiative led by the City of Glendale’s Economic Development Division.  The event seeks to celebrate tech and innovation through a myriad of discussions, workshops, codefests, and networking events.

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