Media Sales Powered by Research
Distinguish Your Media Offering by Showcasing Your Audience Expertise
Media Sales Powered by Research
Distinguish Your Media Offering by Showcasing Your Audience Expertise
Be the Audience

In an ad marketplace where media inventory is increasingly commoditized, demonstrating unique, high-quality audiences is what sets select media sellers apart. Companies providing thought leadership on audiences and granular insights on proposals have an advantage over cheap reach providers. That’s why DISQO enables primary research into what makes media platforms special using our 100% first-party audience. Using both survey and behavioral insights, media platforms can showcase the values of their audience and the actions they take -- and compare to other media sellers' audiences who may be in consideration. Because DISQO sees complete digital activity on our panel, including in walled gardens, we help media companies showcase your unique differentiation from the masses.

What are clients saying?

DISQO’s thorough and diverse panel data gave us a firm and neutral insight into our research goals. For years we’ve cited others’ research around the size and demographics of the mobile gaming audience, but when it came to the nitty-gritty details, it was an ‘ask ten people, get ten answers’ landscape. DISQO was able to answer many of those questions for us, and beyond. Most importantly, they understood the purpose of our research, and the context of the marketplace we have to explain to our clients.

Jonathan Harrop | Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications | AdColony

Your Questions Answered.

How can I win more proposals showcasing the relationships people have with my media? How can I demonstrate that their engagement enhances the impact of media buys on my platform?

What insights can I use to stand out in the press that show my expertise in my target audience?

How do I educate advertisers on consumer preferences to help them reach their goals more successfully on my media platform?

How can I use custom research to drive leads and sales opportunities for my platform?

What can I learn from consumer preferences and behaviors to improve the user experience on my platform and the quality of my ad model?

Learn How
100% First-Party Audience

Get access to representative sample and strong response rates via a diverse million-plus person panel

Leverage DISQO’s direct relationships and privacy-first approach to deliver ethical insights

Rely on robust fraud detection through a biometric approach to identity validation

Automation That Drives Efficiency

Avoid workflow inefficiencies by enabling access to data directly through an API

Reduce overall research costs through seamless and automated processes

Utilize a dedicated team of integration, customer service and account management experts

A Complete View
of What People Say and Do

Understand audience beliefs and behaviors via an innovative combination of survey and behavioral data

Get a market advantage with deep competitive insights through a complete view of the consumer journey

Get answers to critical questions about the what and the why behind people’s shopping, search and digital behaviors

The Intersection of Trust & Quality

Can you access fraud free audiences at scale in an ethical, privacy-first approach?

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Consumer Voice: 2020

How are people sharing their experience and concerns with brands and do they believe they are listening?

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Consumer Trust: 2020

Which organizations such as market research firms and social media networks do consumers trust with their data?

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