Research Reimagined
Fast, High-Quality Survey and Behavioral Insights from 100% First-Party, Fraud-Free Audience
Research Reimagined
Fast, High-Quality Survey and Behavioral Insights from 100% First-Party, Fraud-Free Audience


The best market research is only as strong as the quality of the audience it measures. DISQO reimagined the audience panel from the ground up to deliver reliability and innovation that allows researchers to take their business to the next level. By accessing DISQO’s 100% first-party audience that is fraud-free and delivered with unrivaled speed, you can seamlessly integrate survey and behavioral insights with confidence.

This mix of consumer opinion and activities from a single-source, first-party panel empowers researchers to answer questions never before possible and drive new value for clients. Through seamless API automation and award-winning managed services, you can deliver ethically-sourced consumer insights on the entire consumer experience with creativity and speed.

What are clients saying?

DISQO has consistently provided high quality respondentsfor our projects. I also appreciate the fast response and follow-through from the account management team. I know I can always count on them for thoughtful, speedy information!

Sandy McCray | Insights Creator | Intengo

Your Questions Answered.

How do I innovate my research offering by incorporating digital activities like online shopping, search and competitive site visitation with survey data insights?

How can I avoid delays, low sample sizes, and poor-quality caused by bots, fraudulent panelists, straight-liners and other survey fraud?

Can I integrate the data seamlessly to eliminate workflow inefficiencies and reduce research costs?

How can I ensure that my research is ethical and respects consumer privacy?

Will I have access to quality customer service if I need assistance as I set up my database queries?

Learn How
100% First-Party Audience

Get access to representative sample and strong response rates via a diverse million-plus person panel

Leverage DISQO’s direct relationships and privacy-first approach to deliver ethical insights

Rely on robust fraud detection through a biometric approach to identity validation

Automation That Drives Efficiency

Avoid workflow inefficiencies by enabling access to data directly through an API

Reduce overall research costs through seamless and automated processes

Utilize a dedicated team of integration, customer service and account management experts

A Complete View
of What People Say and Do

Understand audience beliefs and behaviors via an innovative combination of survey and behavioral data

Get a market advantage with deep competitive insights through a complete view of the consumer journey

Get answers to critical questions about the what and the why behind people’s shopping, search and digital behaviors

The Intersection of Trust & Quality

Can you access fraud free audiences at scale in an ethical, privacy-first approach?

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Consumer Voice: 2020

How are people sharing their experience and concerns with brands and do they believe they are listening?

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Consumer Trust: 2020

Which organizations such as market research firms and social media networks do consumers trust with their data?

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