Gather opinions directly from real people who are engaged to share their thoughts. Use any methodology to collect reliable data in order to make confident decisions.


Discover consumers' complete digital behavior. Uncover each step, know every consideration, and identify every opportunity.


DISQO’s true research panel provides unprecedented reach & quality to representative audiences at scale to collect quantitative survey research data. Clients count on us for their continuous tracking and ad hoc needs, no matter how large or complex.


DISQO’s highly engaged consumers share their perspective in their own words through participation in qualitative research such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and bulletin boards. Our community provides valuable input to enable researchers to gain deep insight into their target audience.

Consumer Journey

Know the consumer. Combine demographic profiling with observed behavioral data to deeply understand any target audience. Map the consumer journey and path-to-purchase for any product or brand.

Survey Research Meets Behavior

DISQO offers a custom research solution which combines survey and behavioral data. We trigger surveys to your target audience based on their digital activity.

“Working with you over the past year has been a terrific example of how a great working relationship can deliver exceptional results… Your panelists consistently provide great insights and thoughtful opinions. I look forward to working with DISQO for years to come.”
— Jeremy Engelin, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Phoenix Marketing International

DISQO’s research community provides access to first party data with unsurpassed data quality. It’s built for scale and sustainability and is among the largest proprietary US Consumer research panels. We believe that accurate and reliable data are only possible through a direct relationship with the consumer. DISQO never relies on third party sample or data.

Ask us how we’ve become the highest quality data provider to the leading market research and analytic companies in the industry. Contact us for our panel book and additional info.

Automated Sample
API Connect
Access Research Community
Profile Targeting & Project Management
Collect Consumer Insights

Plug into our platform and automate data collection. We offer custom API solutions for programmatic access to our research community. Being one of the largest first-party US consumer research panels, we enable partners to leverage our community to power their insights platforms. Get speed, scale, and the highest level of quality data in the industry.

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