Total Media Impact
Showcase Your Ability to Drive Brand and Performance Results
Total Media Impact
Showcase Your Ability to Drive Brand and Performance Results

Media companies are the great uniters of the advertising industry, providing the environments where brands and audiences meet. Unfortunately, information about the impact of this inventory is hidden from media companies as they cannot see their contributions to the full marketing funnel beyond the click. DISQO allows media companies to win more proposals and increase renewals by optimizing the effectiveness of media placements on TV, mobile, display and social - even off the media companies’ own properties. Using consumer friendly, cookieless technology, media companies can now showcase how their inventory drives ROI in brand awareness, online behaviors, and ultimate purchase to increase ad sales success.

what are clients saying?

Conde Nast influences consumers and culture, but the impact of that influence has been historically frustrating to quantify for our advertisers, particularly as traditional brand lift studies don’t capture the whole picture. DISQO’s brand lift solution has given us a scalable way to prove what we had long believed: that consumers take action digitally after seeing advertising on our sites. Thanks to DISQO, Conde Nast is now able to offer measurement packages that quantify both the attitudinal and behavioral impact of advertising.

-Nick Baccala | Executive Director Ad Measurement, Conde Nast

Your Questions Answered.

How can I prove the effectiveness of my inventory to drive lifts in both brand perception and behavior throughout the customer journey?

What was the total impact of the ads I served across all channels, including TV, mobile, social, display and search?

How can I optimize across all of my inventory, even audience extension and syndication off my owned properties, without using cookies?

Can I prove the impact of my inventory, beyond the click, when I can’t place a pixel on landing pages or on e-commerce sites?

How can I get credit beyond last-click or last view for the contribution my inventory makes to the overall brand?

How can I ensure my measurement uses ethical first-party data?

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Avoid Blind Spots
Complete Campaign Measurement

Measure all digital platforms, including walled gardens on mobile

Use the same methodology for all platforms, ensuring consistent comparisons

Assess using a pioneering test & control methodology based on prior brand propensity

Total Consumer Journey

Uncover how specific advertising tactics impact brand attitudes and perceptions, plus changes in website visitation, search activity, and online purchases

Deliver 30x more post-view consumer touchpoints than standard campaign reporting

Measure the impact of advertising on brands and their competitors

Tech for Tomorrow's Media World

Provide cookie-free measurement

Avoid issues associated with ad blocking

Eliminate the need for special integrations and siloed/incomplete measurement

Magnifying Measurement

Can you see everything people do online after seeing your ads, even on competitors sites?

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Ad Relevance

Ad exposure is a given part of everyday life, but how many of those ads make an impact?

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Healthy Alternative to Cookies

How can ethical identity help brands, agencies, and media improve ad effectiveness?

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