Measurement with Purpose
Go beyond campaign optimization to build a strategic brand growth engine
Measurement with Purpose
Go beyond campaign optimization to build a strategic brand growth engine

For brands, data powers digital transformation and media ROI. By using data that starts with consumer consent, brands can accelerate advertising impact, competitive insights, and alignment with brand purpose. DISQO has developed a panel of 10 million opt-in consumers who share their opinions and behaviors to help brands understand the effectiveness of their advertising, across platforms, including TV and in walled gardens, without cookies. This allows brands to optimize media investments and creative performance, and to increase brand preference and sales impact, on their own site, as well as on other e-commerce platforms. With 30X the data of legacy ad measurement solutions, brands can identify the exact touchpoints that drive awareness, sales and long-term customer loyalty.

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DISQO's greatest advantage provides the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “Walled Gardens” by using their identity based platform instead of using 3rd Party cookies to capture ad exposure. This allows us to identify and survey those who would typically fall outside of research parameters set by many other research firms.

Bruce Williams | Partner Research | UM

Your Questions Answered.

How can I measure the entirety of my campaign – even ads delivered in walled gardens – uniformly, so I know what’s working without relying on media platforms grading their own performance?

How can I unify brand and performance optimization across all media channels, breaking the silos of MTA and Brand Tracking?

How is my campaign impacting my competition and category overall?

How can I ensure I’m able to accurately measure campaign effectiveness in new cookie-free environments without replicating the sins of cookies and invading consumer privacy?

Am I able to assess my true incremental ad impact versus what would have happened without ads, using a test and control methodology that ensures both groups have the same propensity toward my brand?

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Avoid Blind Spots
Complete Campaign Measurement

Measure all digital platforms, including walled gardens on mobile

Use the same methodology for all platforms, ensuring consistent comparisons

Assess using a pioneering test & control methodology based on prior brand propensity

Total Consumer Journey

Uncover how specific advertising tactics impact brand attitudes and perceptions, plus changes in website visitation, search activity, and online purchases

Deliver 30x more post-view consumer touchpoints than standard campaign reporting

Measure the impact of advertising on brands and their competitors

Tech for Tomorrow's Media World

Provide cookie-free measurement

Avoid issues associated with ad blocking

Eliminate the need for special integrations and siloed/incomplete measurement

Magnifying Measurement

Can you see everything people do online after seeing your ads, even on competitors sites?

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Ad Relevance

Ad exposure is a given part of everyday life, but how many of those ads make an impact?

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Healthy Alternative to Cookies

How can ethical identity help brands, agencies, and media improve ad effectiveness?

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Measure with Purpose

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