Measure the Moment


Elevating Ad Measurement

Traditionally, brand lift measurement has relied only on attitudinal responses to understand campaign effectiveness. However, attitudes are not predictive of performance. With DISQO, advertisers can enjoy clearer, actionable insights into what really works — and what doesn’t — for their campaigns.

Know What Works

Did your campaign work? Will brand lift translate to meaningful outcomes? Discovering the answers is in reach with cookieless ad measurement by DISQO.

Go beyond traditional lift studies to uncover how your campaigns are truly affecting consumer behaviors.

Our Approach

DISQO seamlessly bridges the behavioral and attitudinal impact of advertising. We capture the nonlinear path to purchase behavior in order to measure the true effectiveness of your campaigns.

We also measure traditional attitudinal brand and persuasion metrics, including both aided & unaided brand awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

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