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We connect what people say and actually do to drive confident business decisions

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DISQO Outcomes Lift

DISQO Launches Outcomes Lift for Cross-Platform Ad Measurement

New product measures cross-platform ad effectiveness and full-funnel customer behaviors Aug...

DISQO + Adelaide

DISQO Selected to Enhance Adelaide’s Attention Metric

Enabling Brands to More Accurately Measure and Predict Media’s Impact...

DISQO Welcomes Leading Product Veteran Andrew Duke to Deepen Audience Connections

As Vice President of Product, Consumer Applications, Duke will elevate...

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online community with 1.5 million+ active members sharing zero-party data to fuel your insights advantage.

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  • share behaviours 1B digital touchpoints monthly
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Powerful audience? Prove it with data.

Hey there media maven, tell your advertisers a compelling story.

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Nice to meet you

You’re an insights hunter whose discoveries help bring untold stories to light.

You lead your business to sustainable growth, and that requires data-driven insights that create solid connections, from audience loyalty to successful partnerships.

Up your audience expertise

Wouldn’t it be great to prove the quality and impact of your inventory after someone leaves your platform, then searches for your clients’ brands, reads reviews for their products, and ultimately purchases them… all because of the ads you’ve served?

Work with a company that doesn’t harvest data from your hard-earned audience relationships and is on your side in putting consumers first.


Let’s get your platform the credit you deserve

Media companies are the great uniters of audiences, content and brands. When data is complete and on-the-pulse, you create stories that resonate. Sustainable, privacy-first insights will help you preserve that precious foundation of audience trust.



Distinguish your media by showing off your audience expertise. Stay in sync with the values they share and the actions they take - on and off your properties - and capture the complete picture of the value you deliver.


Sustainable, zero-party data, with robust fraud detection


Integrated survey and behavioral data from a single source


Direct, automated access to data via API or dedicated managed service team

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Showcase your ability to drive brand results, ad impact, and valuable downstream audience actions after they leave your platform - on any channel, social site or e-commerce destination.


An all-access pass to your contributions beyond the click


Full-funnel, from awareness down to consideration and purchase


30X more visibility into the touchpoints that drive awareness, sales and long-term loyalty for advertisers

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Got questions? We have answers.

How can I prove my inventory drove lifts in brand perception and behavior through the customer journey?

How can I use custom research to drive leads and sale opportunities for my platform?

How can I optimize across all my inventory, even audience extension and syndication, without cookies?

How do I illuminate consumer preferences to help my advertisers reach their goals on my platform?


We agree, it’s better to show than tell

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