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DISQO appoints David Karp as Vice President of Customer Success

Karp will drive DISQO’s unrelenting focus on customer success and...

DISQO Raises $85 Million to Expand Consumer Insights Platform that Drives Smarter Decisions

August 26, 2021, Los Angeles, CA — Consumer insights platform...

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New DISQO Research: Contaminated Data In Siloed Campaign Measurement Threatens Brand ROI

DISQO’s cookieless, fully permissioned, first-party view of consumers’ online behaviors uncovers...

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Survey Junkie is an online community with over 10 million members dedicated to making your voice heard.

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Be the smartest person in the room, always

Hey proud data nerds! Get zero-party data, opinions + behaviors, with the highest quality

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You’re a research expert who finds the insights that pop.

You play a critical role in guiding the business, so you need data that lets you soar and doesn’t clip your wings.

Data you can really trust

Wouldn’t it be nice not to struggle to fill data cells? To not second guess whether you’re analyzing data from humans or bots and fraudsters? And not have that nagging sense that there’s something icky about where the data comes from?

Work with a company that values its audience members the way that you value smartly crafted models and gorgeous correlations.

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Researchers do their best work and have their highest impact when they are able to apply their smarts and experience to discovering insights rather than playing whack-a-mole with a problematic data set. We help you get right to work.



Win business and keep your clients happy with all-access insights to monitor brand equity, brand health, competitive intelligence and customer experience across brands and categories.


Sustainable, zero-party data, with robust fraud detection


Integrated survey and behavioral data from a single source


Direct automated access to data via API, or our dedicated managed services team

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Advertising Measurement

Super-power brands with insights that accelerate ad impact, optimize media and creative, drive brand preference, and sales impact on any channel, social site or e-commerce platform.


Measure the impact of every campaign on every site, platform, mobile app, and even TV


Full-funnel - from awareness, to search, to site visitation, to online shopping, to purchase


30X more data visibility into touchpoints driving awareness, sales and long-term customer loyalty

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How can I deliver trusted insights with approaches that keep up with consumer behaviors?

How can I show my client how their advertising impacted their competitors and the category?

How can I get automated, API access to your audience to increase my efficiency?

How do I know I can trust the quality of my market research data?


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