Third Edition:

Consumer Confidence

Third Edition:
Consumer Confidence in the Context of COVID-19

As some cities and stores begin to reopen, how are people reacting? What is the state of consumer confidence, where are early indicators of a rebound, and how are shopping behaviors continually changing?

To provide ongoing answers, DISQO is now sharing the third edition of our Consumer Confidence Study. Since March, DISQO has conducted a weekly survey of select DISQO Audience members, seeking to understand:

  • Shifts in reported online shopping behaviors
  • Engagement in everyday consumer activities
  • Outlook for future engagement in consumer activities
  • Concerns that may impact consumer confidence
  • Overall spending shifts

Each week, over 10,000 people shared their perspectives. In this report, we are sharing observed trends over the first nine weeks, as well as a deeper look into the 9th survey, which concluded on May 18th. As further editions of the study are conducted, and we continue to track consumer confidence over time, updates will be made available.

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Share of Purchases Made Online

Online purchases remain stable. As of May 18th, 44% of all purchases are reportedly being made online — a figure that has increased significantly since March 23rd and has remained stable since April 20th.

Reported Grocery Shopping Methods

Online grocery loses some favor. After enjoying a surge in consumer adoption between late March and mid April, some consumers are now turning away from online grocery. Nevertheless, the industry has held onto approximately 40% of its recent gains, with 20.4% of people reporting that they recently purchased groceries online (a figure that was 18.4% on March 23rd, but had peaked at 23.1% on April 20th).

Returning to Errands

Mundane out-of-home activities are gaining momentum. As economic activity begins to spin back up and consumer confidence shows early signs of rebounding, so too are people planning to engage in everyday activities such as going to the bank or post office.

While planned trips to these facilities were at a low on April 6th (45.6%), they have since steadily rebounded, with 53.9% planning a trip in the near future.

Planned Errands Over Time
DISQO Audience surveys. Additional information available in the Methodology section below.
How likely are you to go to the bank or post office in the next 2 weeks? Very Likely Likely Unlikely Very Unlikely
May 18 17.5% 36.4% 23.4% 22.7%
May 11 17.6% 35.3% 23.3% 23.9%
May 04 17.4% 34.7% 23.6% 24.3%
Apr 27 16.5% 34.8% 22.8% 25.9%
Apr 20 15.4% 34.4% 23.3% 26.8%
Apr 13 13.7% 32.7% 23.9% 29.6%
Apr 06 13.7% 31.9% 23.4% 31.0%
Mar 30 14.7% 32.6% 24.3% 28.4%
Mar 23 13.7% 34.1% 24.7% 27.5%
Plans to Travel
DISQO Audience surveys. Additional information available in the Methodology section below.
How likely are you to book a trip in the next 2 weeks? Very Likely Likely Unlikely Very Unlikely
May 18 2.9% 6.8% 16.6% 73.7%
May 11 2.7% 6.2% 15.8% 75.3%
May 04 2.7% 5.6% 15.3% 76.5%
Apr 27 2.1% 4.9% 13.3% 79.8%
Apr 20 2.1% 4.6% 12.9% 80.4%
Apr 13 2.0% 3.8% 11.8% 82.4%
Apr 06 1.9% 3.7% 11.2% 83.2%
Mar 30 2.1% 4.7% 13.0% 80.2%
Mar 23 2.2% 4.8% 13.8% 79.2%

Awakening Wanderlust

The urge to get out of the house is calling. When first surveyed on March 23rd, 7.0% of people reported that they were likely to book a trip in the next two weeks, a figure which subsequently fell to 5.6% on April 6th.

However, plans to travel have been steadily increasing over the last five weeks, with 9.7% of people recently reporting that they are likely to book travel in the near future.

Dinner Plans

Dining in remains stable while optimism for dining out grows. Usage of both takeout (49%) and meal delivery (21%) have remained stable for the past three weeks as people continue to dine-in. Meanwhile, only 5% report recently dining at a restaurant, though 13% plan to dine out in the next two weeks — a number that has increased quite noticeably from 5% on April 20th.

Finances & Spending

Concern over personal finances is decreasing. Week-over-week, consumers report a steady decline in concern over personal finances. While 36% felt extremely concerned over personal finances on March 23rd, as of May 18th, 26% report the same level of anxiety.

While a larger number of people reported spending less from late March (48%) through late April (46%), as of May 18th, only 34% report spending less in comparison to last month. Another 46% are spending the same amount of money and 20% are spending more.

Concern for Personal Health

Concern over contracting COVID-19 has decreased. Consumers are feeling slightly less at risk than before. Still, 88% report some degree of concern over contracting COVID-19.

Community Health Concerns

People are slightly less concerned about spreading COVID-19. As of May 18th, 83% report holding some degree of concern that they might spread COVID-19, a number that’s slightly less in comparison to the concern for contracting the disease, and nominally lower than previous weeks.


Each survey was conducted online, distributed to a nationally representative sample of DISQO Audience members within the United States via the Survey Junkie platform, which is wholly owned by DISQO. Surveys were taken on both desktop and mobile devices.

Each survey was distributed one week apart, with responses collected over a three-day period beginning on Saturday and closing on Monday. Distribution dates and respondent volume for each survey are as follows:

Survey Distribution by Edition
DISQO Consumer Confidence Study, March through April 2020
Survey Edition Collection Period Respondents
Week 1 Mar 21 — Mar 23 n = 11,250
Week 2 Mar 28 — Mar 30 n = 10,399
Week 3 Apr 04 — Apr 06 n = 10,925
Week 4 Apr 11 — Apr 13 n = 10,564
Week 5 Apr 18 — Apr 20 n = 10,546
Week 6 Apr 25 — Apr 27 n = 10,676
Week 7 May 02 — May 04 n = 10,804
Week 8 May 09 — May 11 n = 10,365
Week 9 May 16 — May 18 n = 10,311


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