May 2020

Grocery Shopping Experience

Grocery Shopping Experience

Grocery shopping has evolved significantly over the last few months, with more people considering contactless delivery and pickup options. What is the most popular grocery shopping method today, and what factors into this decision? How does satisfaction for one method rank against other methods?

To answer these questions, we surveyed a selection of DISQO Audience members on:

  • Preferred grocery shopping methods
  • Overall satisfaction with different grocery shopping methods
  • Plans to purchase groceries via in-store, pickup, or delivery
  • Favorite aspects of each grocery shopping method
  • Overall shifts in grocery shopping over the last two months

Today, the results of the May 2020 edition of that survey are now available, providing a glimpse into the perspectives of 28,940 individuals. In the coming weeks, a follow-up report will be shared, providing insight into how attitudes and behaviors are changing over time.

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Grocery Shopping Methods

Shopping in-store for groceries remains the most common method. In total, 85.7% people report that they recently acquired groceries via in-store shopping, compared to 26.7% of people who used grocery delivery or grocery pickup options.

Most people only use one method of shopping to acquire groceries. While some people use multiple methods to acquire their groceries (13.6%), most people (86.4%) acquire their groceries through a single channel, whether choosing only in-store shopping (73.3%), grocery pickup (7.4%), or delivery (5.7%).

Satisfaction by Method

While 71% report satisfaction with in-store grocery shopping, 81% and 80% report satisfaction with grocery pickup and delivery, respectively.

Among people who have recently used all three grocery shopping methods (in-store, pick-up, and delivery), online ordering for store pickup generated the highest level of shopper satisfaction. Among those who only shopped online for delivery and pickup, delivery provided a slightly higher level of shopper satisfaction (at 79.7% for delivery compared to 78.1% for pickup).

In-Store Appeal

At a high level, people reported that product selection (66%) and convenience (50%) were their primary motivators for shopping in-store for groceries.

Product selection was a more pronounced priority among older age groups, particularly among those 65 to 74 (72%) and those over 71 (71%).

Favorite Aspects of In-Store Grocery Shopping by Grocery Method
N = 28,940, DISQO Audience survey, May 11—15, 2020
Q: What are your favorite aspects of in-store grocery shopping? In-Store Only In-Store & Pickup In-Store & Delivery All Methods
Convenience 51.2% 42.6% 43.9% 50.7%
Safety 10.6% 11.5% 11.8% 27.6%
Product Selection 65.0% 75.6% 72.0% 67.2%
Low Prices 29.8% 26.4% 33.5% 32.8%
Product Availability 36.2% 47.3% 47.8% 45.5%

Interestingly, those who had recently purchased groceries through multiple methods were more like to value the product selection afforded with in-store shopping than those who had only shopped in-store. Meanwhile, those who solely shopped in-store were more likely to appreciate the perceived convenience of in-store than their counterparts who had shopped via multiple methods.

Pickup Popularity

Overall, 81% report being satisfied with grocery pickup. This number steadily increases with age, making 18 to 24 year-olds (73%) least content with pickup services and seniors over 75 (90%) most satisfied with this shopping experience.

Favorite Aspects of Grocery Pickup by Grocery Method
N = 28,940, DISQO Audience survey, May 11—15, 2020
Q: What are your favorite aspects of grocery pickup? Pickup Only In-Store & Pickup Pickup & Delivery All Methods
Convenience 65.7% 81.2% 79.0% 73.0%
Safety 68.3% 65.2% 84.2% 67.2%
Product Selection 15.0% 11.0% 13.3% 21.3%
Low Prices 10.7% 10.9% 9.8% 17.5%
Product Availability 6.8% 7.9% 9.5% 15.9%

Unlike in-store shopping, the primary perceived perk of grocery pickup is its convenience, which was noted by most (73%), particularly among those 35 to 44 years of age (78%).  Second to this, a considerable majority of people (68%) expressed that safety was a top motivator for ordering groceries online for store pickup. Given the present pandemic and the nearly contactless transfer of groceries from cart to car, this reaction was anticipated.

Desire for Delivery

In general, 80% of people report satisfaction with grocery delivery services. This number remains relatively stable across age groups, noticing the lowest level for 18 to 24 year-olds (76%) and the highest for people over 75 years old (85%).

Similarly, 79% of people who have ordered grocery delivery plan to do so again in the next two weeks. People between 35 and 54 years old and 65 to 74 years old are most likely to order delivery.

Favorite Aspects of Grocery Delivery by Grocery Method
N = 28,940, DISQO Audience survey, May 11—15, 2020
Q: What are your favorite aspects of grocery delivery? Delivery Only In-Store & Delivery Pickup & Delivery All Methods
Convenience 70.6% 82.6% 77.5% 77.7%
Safety 70.6% 62.1% 79.0% 65.8%
Product Selection 10.2% 14.4% 18.4% 24.6%
Low Prices 8.1% 11.4% 9.8% 18.5%
Product Availability 8.1% 12.8% 12.1% 16.5%

Across the board, the leading benefit of online grocery shopping is its perceived convenience, particularly among people who have shopped both in-store and for delivery (82.6%). Interestingly, this same group was also the least likely cohort to list safety as a key feature of online grocery, suggesting this factor holds slightly less significance among those currently choosing to shop in-store.

Meanwhile, among those who have shopped online for both delivery and pickup, safety was their favorite aspect of grocery delivery (79%).

Shifts in Grocery Shopping

When asked how their grocery shopping behaviors have changed over the last two months, people expressed they were shopping less in-store (39%), making more bulk item purchases (26%), and increasingly turning to both grocery delivery (16%) and grocery pickup (15%).

Still, 25% of people insist that their shopping habits have not changed in recent months.


This survey on grocery shopping experiences was conducted online, distributed to a nationally representative sample of DISQO Audience members within the United States via the Survey Junkie platform, which is wholly owned by DISQO. Surveys were taken on both desktop and mobile devices. A total of 28,940 responses were collected over a five-day period, from May 11th, 2020 through May 15th, 2020.


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