June 2020

Grocery Shopping Experience

Second Edition: Grocery Shopping Experience

As shopping behaviors continue to shift week-over-week, how has the grocery industry been affected?  More people than ever before are acquiring their groceries via online ordering for either store pickup or delivery, but will these shifts in consumer behaviors endure over the long term?  How can shifting consumer attitudes provide an indicator of future behaviors?

Delving deeper into the grocery insights DISQO has gleaned from its weekly survey of consumer confidence, the consumer insights platform has conducted a series of surveys exploring the grocery shopping experience. Now in its second edition, that study explores:

  • Preferred grocery shopping methods
  • Overall satisfaction with different grocery shopping methods
  • Plans to purchase groceries via in-store, pickup, or delivery
  • Favorite aspects of each grocery shopping method
  • Overall shifts in grocery shopping over the last two months

The full results of the study are available for download via the form on the right. Below, we share a few highlights.

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Shifts in Reported Grocery Shopping Methods

When looking at reported grocery shopping methods over the past two weeks, we notice that habits have remained largely unchanged from May to June. In-store grocery shopping, however, has seen a slight increase (+3%), now with 75% reporting that they purchased their groceries in-store within the last two weeks.

Satisfaction with Grocery Pickup

Approximately 82% report satisfaction with grocery pickup and delivery services — a number that has remained consistent from May to June. Satisfaction with in-store shopping ranks slightly lower, with 78% reporting some degree of satisfaction for this method.

Satisfaction With Grocery Pickup — Age Breakout
N = 31,899 DISQO Audience survey, June 02—06, 2020
Q: Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with grocery pickup. 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75+
Average Value 3.93 4.04 4.11 4.14 4.17 4.24 4.26
(5) Extremely satisfied 24.62% 29.47% 29.52% 31.12% 36.19% 39.60% 39.60%
(4) Satisfied 48.57% 48.94% 54.43% 54.20% 48.05% 48.01% 51.72%
(3) Neutral 23.27% 17.89% 13.63% 12.17% 12.64% 9.73% 9.20%
(2) Dissatisfied 2.70% 3.39% 2.12% 2.26% 2.50% 1.99% 1.15%
(1) Extremely dissatisfied 0.84 0.32% 0.30% 0.25% 0.62% 0.66% 0.00%

Approximately 90% of people over 75 years old report satisfaction with grocery pickup while 73% of 18 to 24 year-olds report the same. Satisfaction increases with age and is lowest among 18 to 34 year-olds.

Plans to Purchase Groceries In-Store

Approximately 95% of in-store shoppers plan to purchase groceries in-store again within the next two weeks — a small 1% increase from May. Plans to order grocery pickup (77%) and delivery (79%) within the next two weeks are noticeably lower in comparison.

Online Grocery Shopping Methods

About 67% of online grocery orders are made directly through the store while 23% opt into third-party services. Still, 10% use both direct and third-party sources when ordering their groceries online.

Shifts in Grocery Shopping

When looking at changes in reported grocery shopping habits over the last two months, we see a decrease in in-store buying (34%) and an increase in bulk item purchases (24%). Another 15% report more grocery delivery and pickup orders over the last couple months.


This survey on grocery shopping experiences was conducted online, distributed to a nationally representative sample of DISQO Audience members within the United States via the Survey Junkie platform, which is wholly owned by DISQO. Surveys were taken on both desktop and mobile devices. Edition one garnered a total of 28,940 responses over a five-day period, from May 11th, 2020 through May 15th, 2020. Edition two received 31,899 responses over a five-day period, from June 2nd, 2020 through June 6th, 2020.


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