Seventh Edition

Consumer Confidence

Seventh Edition: Consumer Confidence in the Context of COVID-19

As consumers continue to adjust to the current landscape, how are their behaviors and attitudes shifting? What activities are gaining more traction and how is optimism leveling against concerns for the future?

To provide ongoing answers, DISQO is now sharing the seventh edition of our Consumer Confidence Study. Since March, DISQO has conducted a weekly survey of select DISQO Audience members, seeking to understand:

  • Reported online shopping behaviors
  • Engagement in everyday consumer activities
  • Plans for engagement in future activities
  • Concerns impacting consumer confidence
  • Overall spending shifts

Each week, over 10,000 people have shared their thoughts with us. In this report, we are observing trends over the first twenty-one weeks, as well as looking deeper into the 21st survey, which concluded on August 10th. As further editions of the study are conducted, and we continue to track consumer confidence over time, updates will be made available.

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Share of Purchases Made Online

While the percentage of reported online purchases peaked between April 27th and May 18th (44%), it has since stabilized at 39%. On August 3rd, average online purchases experienced a 3% relative increase, but quickly dropped back to 39% on August 10th.

Reported Grocery Shopping Methods

In-store grocery purchases continue to be more popular than online grocery shopping. Within the last three weeks, we notice a slight increase (+3% relatively) in grocery purchases made in-store. Online grocery shopping has remained fairly consistent for the past several weeks, climbing slightly (+5% relatively) in the last two weeks specifically.

Dining Out Optimism

There has been a significant surge in both recent restaurant dining activity and plans to dine out soon over the last twenty-one weeks. In fact, from March 23rd to August 10th, reported dining activity has increased by 150% relatively, while plans to dine at a restaurant soon has increased by 300%.

Adapting to Life at Home

After April 27th reported home & garden purchases have been higher than entertainment. Within the last three weeks, purchase for home & garden products has been experiencing a slight downward trend while home entertainment is picking up.

Concern Over Crowds

Unsurprisingly, the concern over large crowds has faired and been more significant in comparison to the concern over small crowds. Interestingly, fears over small groups dipped to 77% on May 18th and again on June 8th, but have since increased.


Each survey was conducted online, distributed to a nationally representative sample of DISQO Audience members within the United States via the Survey Junkie platform, which is wholly owned by DISQO. Surveys were taken on both desktop and mobile devices.

Each survey was distributed one week apart, with responses collected over a three-day period beginning on Saturday and closing on Monday. Distribution dates and respondent volume for the last three surveys are as follows:

Survey Distribution by Edition
DISQO Consumer Confidence Study, March through August 2020
Survey Edition Collection Period Respondents
Week 19 Jul 24 — Jul 27 n = 11,146
Week 20 Aug 01 — Aug 03 n = 11,066
Week 21 Aug 08 — Aug 10 n = 11,211


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