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July 25, 2022


Attention metrics enhanced by Brand and Outcomes Lift

ANA Half-Day Attention Metrics Conference with Adelaide

Rika Takami Avatar

Written by

Rika Takami

DISQO was recently invited to speak at Association of National Advertisers (ANA)'s Attention Metrics Conference presented by Adelaide.


Our EVP, Advertising Effectiveness, Stephen Jepson, and Adelaide's Director of Analytics Ben Lowe, kicked off the afternoon with an in-depth look at our partnership announced last month.


Watch the 5-minute highlight reel below to learn more!



The session explored:

  • Why it's important for marketers to understand the relationship between attention and consumer behavior

  • How the integration of DISQO's Brand and Outcomes Lift into Adelaide's AU model enables brands to demonstrate the full-funnel impact of high-quality media

  • How brands can leverage scaled behavioral insights to improve mid and lower-funnel metrics, such as search, competitive site visits, and sales


Want to know more about using Brand Lift or Outcomes Lift for your campaign? Contact us or download more information on Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift here.