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Introducing the DISQO Audience

To ensure people’s voices are heard — and help companies listen — we’ve curated a highly engaged and empowered consumer audience via the Survey Junkie platform, which is wholly owned by DISQO.

Every day, members of our audience influence brands by sharing quality feedback & verified glimpses into online activity.

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From Our Audience

At DISQO, we are committed to providing a positive user experience for every member of the Survey Junkie community. Here’s what a few of our 10+ million members had to say on Trust Pilot:

Easy way to make extra change in your spare time!”

Ashley C.

“One of the best survey apps I’ve used”

Alex H.

“It is so easy to use and there are many choices available. I’ve even learned new things by participating.”

Kristin L.

“Fun and easy way to help companies and put a little extra cash in your pocket!”

Steve S.

“Survey Junkie is great website and app. It is easy and simple to use and understand. Very rewarding and true to its word.”

Charles P.

“Filling out surveys and giving your thoughts on a topic or product — and getting paid for doing it — is great.”

George F.

“I love the opportunity to voice my opinion. Being offered the chance to voice your opinion and be rewarded is awesome.”

Ameldra W.

“I have been using SurveyJunkie in my spare time, and it has been as rewarding as it has been educational.”

David B.

“Honest & dependable when it comes to getting paid. They even give you points when you don’t qualify for a survey. It’s like they want you to know how much you’re appreciated & valued.”

Dawn Marie B.

“I like Survey Junkie because it makes me feel like my opinion could make a difference to manufacturers and marketers.”

Nicholas F.

Survey Junkie is a great way to earn funds and have your say. It is easy to use and also keeps me informed with companies l use.

Elise H.
“Survey Junkie is an excellent way for average people to express their preferences for consumer products, advertising and research.”
Dennis W.

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