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We connect what people say and actually do to drive confident business decisions

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Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 10 million members dedicated to making your voice heard.

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People-first data collection

Asking people to share information is better. Zero-party opinions and behaviors... insights to trust and put into action, 100% opted-in.

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lifetime members have opted in to share so you can learn
surveys completed. Zero-party data means information is volunteered, info you need to know before your competitors do
digital touchpoints monthly. All-access to see your customers and what they do - completely
lifetime members 100% opted in and sharing freely so you can learn
surveys completed. Zero-party data means information is volunteered, info you need to know before your competitors do.
digital touchpoints monthly. All-access to see your customers and what they do - completely, but anonymously!

Aren’t you tired of stalking your customers?

Cookies, IP addresses, device IDs, email hashing, data clean rooms… what happened to honest relationships between brands and customers?

Yes, your customer want relevant experiences, but they want you to be transparent and for their privacy to be respected too.

We believe in a world where people trust in sharing information to improve the human experience. So we built it. Our members are transparently informed and completely opted in. They share because we invited them. So simple. So fair. We like that.

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Purpose & value

Guess what. People’s time and opinions… and the data that streams from their digital lifestyles are worth something. You know it. We know it. They’re beginning to know it. It’s most respectful of your relationships with your customers to simply ask them to share about themselves. We built the zero-party audience platform that lets you do that.


Open & transparent

Have you heard about ad blocking or people clearing their cookie caches? Are you living in fear of cookies going away altogether? Look, some people don’t want to share — and that’s okay! Some don’t have any idea what all those terms & conditions mean.

We clear things up. We just simply ask people if they’d like share with us and give them a great experience. Honest. Simple. Better data… you build insights you can really trust.

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Protecting privacy

Giving people the truth about the value of their information and giving them control are the first steps… and the right thing to do. If they share, you darn well better protect their privacy.

Relationships are built on trust. We never fail to protect our members’ privacy. That’s how you get the good stuff from DISQO.

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Survey Junkie Reviews

Survey Junkie is easy to use and I've even learned new things by participating.

- Anonymous Member

I've been using the platform in my spare time, and it's been rewarding and educational.

- Anonymous Member

I love voicing my opinion -- and being offered the chance to be rewarded is awesome.

- Anonymous Member

Survey Junkie is an excellent way for people to express their preferences for products.

- Anonymous Member

Honest and dependable; they even give you points when you don't qualify for a survey.

- Anonymous Member