Consumer-First Data Collection
Ethical insights.
Opinions & behaviors
100% opted-in!
Consumer-First Data Collection
Ethical insights. Opinions & behaviors 100% opted-in!


consumers in a 100% first-party panel sharing their opinions and experiences


surveys completed for research firms, agencies, and brands in all categories


digital consumer touchpoints monthly; consumers browsing, searching, shopping & more, 100% opted in

We Believe In

Consumers expect transparent and authentic brand experiences and to influence products, services, and corporations. To thrive, you must ethically create actionable understanding of what your consumers want.

That’s why DISQO built Survey Junkie, the largest 100% first-party consumer panel in the U.S., giving consumers transparency and control over how they share information. Everyone in our audience is opted-in, engaged and ready to answer your survey questions, or share online behaviors, all via future proofed technology.

Respecting Consumers
Purpose & Value

Respect for our audience begins with the recognition that their time, opinion and data are valuable. They opt-on to join our panel community for the specific purpose of improving market research, participating in surveys, sharing online behaviors -- and getting rewarded fairly.

Empowering consumers who want to share
Open & Transparent

We communicate clearly with our panelists and give them control over how they share information, without cookies or other forms of ID tracking that consumers may not understand or find intrusive. Whether participating in a survey or sharing data from web browsing, everyone in our 100% first-party panel opts in because they get rewarded for sharing.

Helping people share safely
Respect for Privacy

Part of putting consumers first is protecting their privacy while giving them absolute, informed control over what they share. Information shared by our audience is for research purposes only. We never sell or otherwise share personal information that can be connected to individual members of our community, and we employ stringent privacy controls with future proofed technology.

What people in our panel are saying…

Survey Junkie makes me feel like my opinion makes a difference to manufacturers and marketers.

Survey Junkie is easy to use and I’ve even learned new things by participating.

I’ve been using the platform in my spare time, and it’s been rewarding and educational.

I love voicing my opinion — and being offered the chance to be rewarded is awesome.

Survey Junkie is an excellent way for average people to express their preferences for consumer products, advertising, and research.

Honest and dependable; they even give you points when you don’t qualify for a survey. It’s like they want you to know how much you’re appreciated and valued.

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