Connect opinions and behaviors across all digital touchpoints, desktop & mobile.

We connect what people say and actually do to drive confident business decisions

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DISQO Acquires Feedback Loop to Empower Any Organization to Test and Measure Every Customer Experience

Clients from SMBs to mid-market to enterprises can now make...

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New DISQO Study: Consumers Significantly Misreport Their Consumer Journey Behaviors in Research

The Say-Do Gap between what consumers say and what they...

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DISQO Ranks Highest Performing Big Game Ads

February 15, 2022, Los Angeles, CA — Customer experience platform...

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online community with 1.5 million+ active members sharing zero-party data to fuel your insights advantage.

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  • earn rewards 100% opted in
  • share behaviours 1B digital touchpoints monthly
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Is your agency’s data competitive?

Grow client relationships by delivering the smartest campaigns fueled by unrivaled insights.

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You know how to turn data into results. You make brands famous.

You help your agency thrive with insights revealing the deeper meaning of things. Part art. Part science. Always tangible impact.

Data that helps you innovate

What if consumers gave you access to their beliefs, opinions and behaviors? Freely… without sneaky harvesting of their data. No cookies, no opaque T&Cs. Just real people sharing with you.

Ad effectiveness, audience profiling, media planning, data science… whatever it is, do it with a complete view of what people say and do - everywhere

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Let’s build the insight engines of tomorrow

Ad agencies are the powerhouses of the marketing world. You do your best work with complete inputs. Why lose hours of creative productivity normalizing data across silos when you can get a complete, privacy-compliant view right here, right now? Show your clients what innovation looks like.



Win business and keep your clients happy with all-access insights to monitor brand equity, brand health, competitive intelligence and customer experience across brands and categories.


Sustainable, zero-party data, with robust fraud detection


Integrated survey and behavioral data from a single source


Direct automated access to data via API, or our dedicated managed services team

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Advertising Measurement

Super-power brands with insights that accelerate ad impact, optimize media and creative, drive brand preference, and sales impact on any channel, social site or e-commerce platform.


Measure the impart of every campaign on every site, platform, mobile app, and even TV


Full-funnel - from awareness, to search, to site visitation, to online shopping, to purchase


30X more data visibility into touchpoints driving awareness, sales and long-term customer loyalty

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How do I know I can trust the quality of my market research data?

How can I show the impact of my campaign on brand awareness, consumer actions and sales?

Can I get objective measurement across all platforms including social and mobile?

How can I show my client how their advertising impacted their competitors and the category?


We agree, it’s better to show than tell

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