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Sustained Impact

Behavioral lift data with a longitudinal view showed a major retailer how campaign performance endured after the ads stopped running

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A major US retailer wanted to assess the performance of digital advertising in driving online purchases on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. It knew that traditional measurement of advertising effectiveness, which relies exclusively on surveys to capture consumer attitudes, might miss the mark. 

The retailer enlisted DISQO to deploy survey and behavior-based research on the campaign to provide a complete view of impact on the metrics that mattered most. While the survey-based attitudinal metrics did show a modest positive lift, it was only through the use of zero-party behavioral data from DISQO’s audience that the client learned of the campaign’s dramatic, positive impact on sales and website visits. 

What’s more, DISQO’s ability to provide longitudinal analysis demonstrated that the positive campaign impacts lasted long past the Black Friday campaign window and the holiday shopping period. 

To find out what our survey and behavioral data told us, check out our case study Sustained Impact

To see how DISQO could help accelerate your insights using zero-party opinion and behavior data to drive brand and sales lift, please connect with us here.

"DISQO allows brands to optimize ad impact on both attitudinal and behavioral metrics. Our key differentiator is the ability to capture the thousands of consumer touchpoints long after the initial ad exposure, allowing consistent comparisons across site visitation, online purchases, and emotional responses."

KEVIN WHITCHER  VP of Product, Enterprise Applications

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DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens’’ by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.”

Bruce Williams

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