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Why DISQO is attracting top talent

DISQO’s growth story is ramping up and we’re welcoming new team members every week who are helping us deliver on our promise to revolutionize the customer experience marketplace. Making the decision to transition to a new company is never taken lightly and we’ve identified key reasons why people are choosing to join DISQO.

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#1 – The DISQO customer experience platform is the right solution for today and the future

Digital transformation of consumer behaviors, accelerated by the pandemic, has put a fine point on the need for brands to better understand how their customers make purchase decisions at various points in their consumer journeys. At the same time, a rising tide of consumer expectations for choice and control over how their data is used, privacy regulations, and changes to technology environments are making it more challenging than ever for brands to stay close to their consumers, develop a deeper understanding and ensure they create relevant experiences.

With market research and advertising measurement applications, DISQO’s customer experience platform, fueled by 100% opted-in consumers and the zero-party data they share, is helping savvy clients to outpace their competition with a knowledge advantage that drives better customer experiences.

#2 – We are in a hyper-growth mode, globally

Each month, more and more brands, agencies, publishers and research firms are working with DISQO for a sustainable approach to consumer insights and as a result we’re growing very quickly. In 2021, we not only grew our client base, but we also doubled our team. Further enabling our ambitious growth plans and product vision, in August last year, we received $85 million in series B funding. Today, we have more than 400 employees across the globe. We plan to hire over 300 new team members to fill both onsite and remote roles in the coming year, nearly doubling the size of our company.

As we focus on expanding the reach and capabilities of our platform, our people will be at the forefront of shaping a category that will enable brands to develop a better understanding of their customers’ experiences across a wide range of industries, from grocers to fast food restaurants to pet food manufacturers to tech companies.

It’s this rapid growth opportunity that has inspired our team members to have an outsized impact on our industry by building a platform that is changing the way brands connect with their customers with more sustainable approaches.

#3 – Both our sense of community and our platform are driven by a shared commitment to our values

When people join DISQO, they become part of a unique and passionate community that values trust, transparency and innovation. These values come together in building a transparent platform that clients trust to help fuel their brand growth and where consumers trust in sharing their information to improve brands and the customer experiences they offer.

The values also drive the work we do and the way we do it. We approach each day eager to learn and grow, knowing that we have the ability to make a lasting impact, and we have fun at the same time. We ask each of our new team members after they’ve been with DISQO for 90 days if they feel they’ve made the right decision to join us and 98% agree that they have.

Our Chief People Officer, Tiffany Chelsvig says it best: “when you have a team of people that is steadfastly working toward a set of objectives and a way that is community oriented and driven, I think that definitely sets you apart from the rest.”

This commitment to our values is reflected in the numerous awards we’ve received, including BuiltIn LA’s Best Places to Work, LA Business Journal’s Fast Growing Companies and being certified as a Great Place to Work. We’ve also been recognized as a Deloitte Fast 500 company and by the LA Business Journal as one of the 100 Fast Growing Companies in the area.

#4 – We’ve embraced remote and flexible work  

While we are based in Los Angeles, with offices in Connecticut and Yerevan, Armenia, we have embraced remote work. The pandemic taught us that team members can be productive when they work from home, but that they also want opportunities to meet in person. At DISQO we’ve taken an approach we call “flexibility and choice.” We trust our team members to do what is right for them, their families, and their personal lives by empowering them to be their most productive selves at work. We’ve worked hard to create a unique environment for our people and we’re continuously humbled by the accolades we’ve received thus far, including our recognition in the Top 100 Next Gen Workplaces,

#5 – Product and technology leaders are at the heart of what we do

The DISQOTECH organization, home to our product management, software and data engineering teams, will see the most growth in 2022, with approximately two-thirds of the currently open roles.

“I’m proud that we’ve built a company where people are at the heart of what we do. Our modern tech stack not only allows us to build products that will scale well into the future, but it also offers our team members the opportunity to work and keep pace with the latest technologies,” said Drew Kutcharian, CTO and Co-Founder. “At the same time our commitment to servant leadership and a bottoms-up management approach provides our people with an environment that prioritizes their growth.”

#6 – We’re bringing the best minds to DISQO 

We’re working to bring the best of the best to DISQO. In addition to our open product and technology roles, we are hiring for sales, customer support and corporate functions. In 2021 we welcomed industry leaders David Karp, formerly of Numerator, to lead our Customer Success organization and Yannis Pavlidis, formerly of Walmart to lead our Data Science teams. David works to ensure business impact and a world-class experience for our rapidly expanding client community while Yannis is focused on deploying innovative data science methods and technologies within DISQO’s solutions and promoting a data driven and experimentation culture within our company.

We’ve also worked to build a Marketing Research Sales team committed to helping our clients better understand customers through the DISQO platform. Scott Stein, who is leading our Managed Services team, came to us from Prodege earlier this year. Scott joined sales leaders Garrett Gil de Rubio and Carl Van Ostrand, who manage the DISQO API and Data Solutions teams respectively. Together, these three leaders are helping to ensure that DISQO’s market research clients are able to get the best results from their engagement with our platform, no matter how they connect with us: managed services, API integrations, or other data solutions.

Ted Bouzakis, Executive Vice President, Sales said, “Scott, Garrett and Carl are building rosters with team members who are committed to better enabling market researchers to discover new consumer insights, to track their brand performance – and their competitors’ – through the power of zero-party data and DISQO’s platform. Whether our clients need quick, direct access to the DISQO audience or a more customized approach, we’re here to help them succeed.”

#7 – There’s never been a better time to DISQO!

The growth opportunities we provide for the individual, along with the potential to help drive impactful change in the customer experience space are the top reasons people join our team. But it’s even more than that – commitment to our values, including transparency and teamwork, make coming to work each and every day exciting.

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DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens’’ by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.”

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