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Automation Powered by Smart People: Meet Alex Leger

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Meet Alex Leger, Director of Product Management for our Market Research API. In today’s world, automation and efficiency are the name of the game. Technology solutions don’t just happen. DISQO employs the best and the brightest to listen to our clients’ needs and build products that make you even more insightful, efficient and successful. We thought you’d like to hear from Alex about the current state of automated sampling and DISQO’s Audience API.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining DISQO and how your different roles have prepared you for your work at DISQO.

My career actually started as a tour operator in 2005, providing travel agents with customized European tours. However, after getting my MBA, I was ready to switch industries. I started working with Patrick Comer as the #1 employee of Federated Sample, now known as Lucid. I learned about sample, aggregation, SDLC and more as we developed an automated sample exchange. After leaving Lucid, I joined Market Cube as the VP of Product and worked across each business area the company covered. All of this was an extremely valuable foundation to the work we’re doing at DISQO to build the most trusted audience insights platform.

Given your wide depth of experience in this industry, what excites you most about DISQO’s Audience API?

With the supply and demand issues that the industry is currently facing, clients are struggling to complete studies that they were able to complete just 6 months ago – (Our Chief Customer Officer, Bonnie Breslauer just penned a fascinating piece on the sample supply shortage which you can read here) – which is why I’m excited about DISQO’s Market Research API because we provide direct and consistent access to panelists. Plus, fewer and fewer audience sample companies have first-party relationships. I’m thrilled that we can provide our clients with predictive insights capabilities by tapping into our audience members and their zero-party opinions and behavioral data. 

What are the results one can expect from a successful API integration?

This very much depends on the provider a client chooses. The best benefit of a direct integration with DISQO is the unrivaled quality of our data. The first-party relationships we hold and our commitment to quality and anti-fraud efforts are peerless. More generally, the benefits can include a reduction in time spent setting up and executing surveys, fewer errors, quicker time into field, cost savings, improved feasibility, and more. (We lay out these benefits in our API Insider Access).

How is DISQO continuing to invest in API solutions?

DISQO is looking to expand what we can offer via API. First and foremost, we are constantly investing in the expansion of our panel to meet our clients’ needs. Expanding our product and engineering team is also a top priority to make sure that all of the value inherent to our panel – their engagement with surveys and the behavioral data they share – are easy to access and turn into actionable insights that drive growth. We’re always reviewing our existing work to look for ways to improve and we put in the time and effort to remain at the forefront of innovation.

DISQO’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to peek into behavior behind the forbidden “walled gardens’’ by using their identity-based platform instead of using 3rd party cookies to capture ad exposure.”

Bruce Williams

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