As purchase behaviors shift and consumer confidence undulates, many brands are struggling to catch into a gear that allows them to maintain traction amid the uneven and uncertain terrain.

How has the automotive industry specifically been affected by changes in consumer behavior? What can we expect to see in the future, and what will the potential implications be for major auto industry players?

Join DISQO’s very own VP of Consumer Insights, Carl Van Ostrand, as he chats with host Ryan Gerardi on the AutoConverse Mobility Tech and Connectivity Podcast. This podcast, which is part of the larger AutoConversion learning center, aims to explore the people, ideas, and technologies that influence our connectivity and transportation.

From interviews and mobility news, to auto retail and buzz, this podcast informs on a variety of subjects for auto professionals and enthusiasts alike. While Ostrand and Gerardi will be discussing a variety of ideas related to auto, here are the main topics they’ll explore:

  • Recent consumer behavior related to auto
  • Auto trends and predictions for the future
  • Effects of these trends on key players in the industry

The hour-long show will air on Wednesday, September 2nd at noon PST. Listen to recent podcast episodes here and learn more at the AC Mobility Tech & Connectivity blog.

About the Podcast

The AutoConverse Mobility Tech and Connectivity Podcast explores people, ideas, and technologies that influence how we are connected and the way we get around. Visit us on the web at