While it’s essential for brands to understand their audiences, it’s more important to keep up with their changing needs, expectations, and attitudes. How are people sharing their experiences and concerns with brands? Do they find that companies are listening?

To answer these questions — and to tune in to shifts over time — consumer insights platform DISQO is now releasing the Summer 2020 edition of its Consumer Voice Study.

Each month, we surveyed people regarding their belief whether brands listen to feedback and if they have a responsibility to pay attention. Today, we are sharing the results of the first six editions of the study, covering the first half of 2020!

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In this report, we cover the following topics:

  • How people prefer to share their feedback with brands
  • Whether people believe brands should listen to their feedback
  • Whether people believe brands actually listen to their feedback
  • Motivations for sharing feedback via surveys
  • Whether people believe their voice has an impact

A download of the report is available on the report page which includes over 10 new charts. Here are the top takeaways from the study:

  • People feel that brands are listening more. From January 2020 to June 2020, an overwhelming majority find that brands listen to consumer feedback. This number has increased by 4% when comparing results from January (81%) to June (84%).
  • People want their opinions heard. Every month, a notable majority of people found that brands should listen to their opinion. While agreement was highest in February and March (90%), each month, consumers have consistently expressed a significant desire to be heard.
  • Surveys are the preferred way to share opinions with brands. Month-over-month, surveys have been the top reported method for sharing opinions with brands — growing by 7% from January to June.
  • People are more likely to change their shopping habits than contact the brand directly. When it comes to sharing opinions with brands, more people report changing their purchase behavior (47%) than posting reviews online (38%), contacting customer support (32%), and posting on social media (23%).
  • A majority want to share their feedback. Over half of people (57%) take surveys to share their opinion. Other reasons include having an impact on products (44%) and brands (40%). Still, some enjoy taking surveys to be part of a community (14%).
  • People believe their voice can impact brands & products. As of June 2020, approximately 81% feel that their participation in surveys can make a real impact on brands and products.
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Updates to this report will be made available on a quarterly basis. If you’d like a deeper analysis of consumer voice for your brand or industry, please reach out!

For additional highlights, methodology, and access to the full report, visit the Consumer Voice report page.