As states undulate between reopening and reclosing, people are caught in the middle. How has consumer confidence shifted over the last few weeks, and how are behaviors changing as a result?

To provide ongoing answers, DISQO is now sharing the fifth edition of our Consumer Confidence Study. Since March, DISQO has conducted a weekly survey of select DISQO Audience members, seeking to understand:

  • Shifts in reported online shopping behaviors
  • Engagement in everyday consumer activities
  • Outlook for future engagement in consumer activities
  • Concerns that may impact consumer confidence
  • Overall spending shifts

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Here are some highlights from our fifth edition of the study:

  • Online purchases have plateaued. While the share of purchases made online are still notably elevated over March levels, they have fallen from their mid-May peak and have since plateaued at 39%.
  • The rebound of in-store grocery has paused. In early June, reported in-store grocery shopping activity had seen a significant uptick, marking a midway point in its rebound from April lows. Since then, however, progress has stalled and receded slightly, with 70% of people reporting that they recently shopped for groceries in-store.
  • Takeout is more common than meal delivery. As of June 29th, 49% of people report picking up food for takeout while only 20% report ordering meals for delivery. Interest in takeout orders has slowly climbed over the course of fifteen weeks, declining slightly in recent weeks (-3%).
  • Spending habits have stabilized. A majority of people’s spending habits have stabilized over the last five weeks. As of June 29th, only 20% report spending more than the previous month, while 57% report spending the same amount. While there are nuanced shifts in how people are spending — which are available in the full report — overall consumer spending behaviors are nonetheless relatively stable.
  • People feel more uncomfortable in large crowds. Unsurprisingly, the concern over large crowds is larger than that of small crowds, with 92% reporting some degree of concern with being near large groups of people and 82% near small groups as of June 29th.
  • A majority are staying home. As more people spend time at home, we notice a stabilized trend coinciding with behaviors from the previous month. As of June 29th, approximately 58% report spending the same amount of time at home compared to last month, while 28% are home more.
  • Interest in apparel, health, and beauty continues to climb. Reported purchases in apparel and health & beauty have steadily climbed since week one. In recent weeks, apparel purchases have spiked to 30%, while health & beauty purchases are reported at 33%.
  • Dining out optimism is at an all-time high. Both dining out behavior (20%) and plans to eat out soon (32%) have seen a significant surge over the last eight weeks. From week 1 to week 15, reported restaurant dining activity experienced a 166% increase while plans to dine out saw a 292% increase!

The fifth edition of the report includes 25 new charts, showing changes week over week on topics related to COVID-19 as well as a deep dive into the latest week. As future editions of the study are conducted, the official report page will be updated, and we will continue to provide updates on the DISQO blog.

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For additional highlights, methodology, and access to the full report, visit the DISQO Consumer Confidence Study report page.