Data-driven decision making is what moves businesses and industries forward. It is important, however, to base these strategic decisions on accurate and reliable data that is sourced respectfully and ethically.

Recently AJ Keirans, VP of Client Development at DISQO, joined Sima Vasa, host of the Data Gurus Podcast, to discuss the impact and significance of data quality. Centered around the theme of “Navigating the Data Ecosystem”, this podcast works to bring its audience a real-life perspective into the research and analytics industry, showcasing expert opinion on how to navigate through change.

Rich and robust data should be at the core of every business decision. According to AJ, data quality is “an active investment — technology wise and financially.” It’s something that businesses should invest in and really pay attention to themselves.

When it comes to market research specifically, there are numerous consumer panels available. However, not all panels are equal, and some may not be what they seem. Between exchanges, partnerships, and acquisitions, audiences often become muddled amalgamations of third party sources.

“If businesses don’t own their relationship with panel members, it’s not truly first-party”, said AJ. At DISQO, “we have one panel and that’s really our focus. It allows us to have a uniform strategy on how we engage with them and how they’re rewarded”, said AJ.

“When people feel that their time and opinions are respected, they choose to participate more and to do so more actively.” – AJ Keirans

Incorporating behavioral data allows companies to take their insights a step further, especially in an era where shopping patterns and behaviors have changed dramatically. Transparency and honesty with both panelists and clients is key to fostering more powerful relationships. First-party and passive behavioral data tracking “allows for a truly rich understanding of the consumer”, stated AJ.

Listen to the full podcast with AJ here.

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