Grocery shopping has evolved significantly over the last few months, with more people considering contactless delivery and pickup options. What is the most popular grocery shopping method today, and what factors into this decision? How does satisfaction for one method rank against others?

To answer these questions, we surveyed a selection (n=28,940) of our DISQO Audience, seeking to understands:

  • Preferred grocery shopping methods
  • Overall satisfaction with different grocery shopping methods
  • Plans to purchase groceries via in-store, pickup, or delivery
  • Favorite aspects of each grocery shopping method
  • Overall shifts in grocery shopping over the last two months
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Here are some highlights from the report:

  • Shopping in-store for groceries remains the most common method. In total, 85.7% people report that they recently acquired groceries via in-store shopping, compared to 26.7% of people who used grocery delivery or grocery pickup options.
  • Most people only use one method of shopping to acquire groceries. While some people use multiple methods to acquire their groceries (13.6%), most people (86.4%) acquire their groceries through a single channel, whether choosing only in-store shopping (73.3%), grocery pickup (7.4%), or delivery (5.7%).
  • Satisfaction with pickup & delivery ranks higher than in-store shopping. While 71% report satisfaction with in-store grocery shopping, 81% and 80% report satisfaction with grocery pickup and delivery, respectively.
  • More people plan to purchase groceries in-store than pickup & delivery. About 94% of previous in-store shoppers plan to purchase groceries in-store again in the next two weeks. Of those who have ordered pickup or delivery, 79% plan to do so again.
  • People purchase groceries in-store for product selection. The top aspect that contributes to in-store grocery shopping is product selection (66%) followed by convenience (50%).
  • Grocery pickup & delivery is convenient. People who opt for grocery pickup or delivery do so for its convenience (73% for pickup and 76% for delivery) and safety (68% for each).
  • Grocery shopping has changed quite a bit in recent months. About 39% report doing less in-store shopping now in comparison to two months ago and 26% report purchasing more bulk items. Another 16% are ordering more grocery delivery and 15% are opting for more curbside pickup orders.

The first edition of the report includes over 15 charts and provides insight into preferences and habits related to grocery shopping. As future editions of the study are conducted, the official report page will be updated, and we will continue to provide updates on the DISQO blog.

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For additional highlights, methodology, and access to the full report, visit the DISQO Grocery Shopping Experiences report page.