As cities and stores begin to reopen, how are people reacting? How can reported activities and plans serve as a barometer for reviving consumer confidence, and how are shopping behaviors changing? Our latest Consumer Confidence report shares the answers to these questions and more.

Since late March, we have continued to conduct weekly surveys of select DISQO audience members as part of our ongoing Consumer Confidence Study, and the results of the third edition of the report — spanning nine weeks of responses — are available today.

Each week, over 10,000 people have shared their perspective on:

  • Reported online shopping behaviors
  • Engagement in everyday consumer activities
  • Plans for engagement in future activities
  • Concerns impacting consumer confidence
  • Overall spending shifts
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Here are some highlights from our third edition of the study:

  • Online purchases remain stable. As of May 18th, 44% of all purchases are reportedly being made online — a figure that has increased significantly since March 23rd and has remained stable since April 20th.
  • Online grocery loses some favor. After enjoying a surge in consumer adoption between late March and mid April, some consumers are now turning away from online grocery. Nevertheless, the industry has held onto approximately 40% of its recent gains, with 20.4% of people reporting that they recently purchased groceries online (a figure that was 18.4% on March 23rd, but had peaked at 23.1% on April 20th).
  • The urge to get out of the house is calling. When first surveyed on March 23rd, 7.0% of people reported that they were likely to book a trip in the next two weeks, a figure which subsequently fell to 5.6% on April 6th. However, plans to travel have been steadily increasing over the last five weeks, with 9.7% of people recently reporting that they are likely to book travel in the near future.
  • Dining in remains stable while optimism for dining out grows. Usage of both takeout (49%) and meal delivery (21%) have remained stable for the past three weeks as people continue to dine-in. Meanwhile, only 5% report recently dining at a restaurant, though 13% plan to dine out in the next two weeks — a number that has increased quite noticeably from 5% on April 20th.
  • Concern over personal finances is decreasing. Week-over-week, consumers report a steady decline in concern over personal finances. While 36% felt extremely concerned over personal finances on March 23rd, as of May 18th, 26% report the same level of anxiety.
  • Concern over contracting COVID-19 has decreased. Consumers are feeling slightly less at risk than before. Still, 88% report some degree of concern over contracting COVID-19.

The third edition of the report includes 25 new charts, showing changes week over week on topics related to COVID-19 as well as a deep dive into the latest week. As future editions of the study are conducted, the official report page will be updated, and we will continue to provide updates on the DISQO blog.

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For additional highlights, methodology, and access to the full report, visit the DISQO Consumer Confidence Study report page.