DISQO is thrilled to be named one of the top 5 tech startups by The Tech Tribune, an organization committed to discovering the hottest tech startups all over the world!

The Tech Tribune works in partnership with Crunchbase to deliver the Best Tech Startups journal series, which is published for every major city and state in the US, as well as for the US as a whole, on a yearly basis. On a mission to recognize and honor the most exemplary young companies all across the country, they consider the following factors when examining an organization:

  • Revenue potential
  • Leadership team
  • Brand & product traction
  • Competitive landscape

Glendale’s thriving tech community is one that is continually expanding and attracting top talent from all across the nation. In itself, DISQO has doubled in size over the last year.

The company’s rapid employee growth, coupled with continual successful product launches, including DISQO’s API and cookieless ad measurement solution, have contributed to the advancement of the company as a whole. What else makes DISQO different from the rest? The team at DISQO is committed to fostering a healthy and sustainable company culture — one that allows every individual the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

DISQO is excited to have received this recognition among other successful companies including Service Titan and Blizzfull. Interested in joining the team? Browse DISQO’s available positions here.

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DISQO is a consumer-first insights platform that delivers unprecedented data and analytics to the market research industry. The company powers insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness.

Today, DISQO delivers an accurate and complete view of the consumer via technology built on the foundation of the largest first-party research audience. By engaging consumers who choose to share their attitudes and behaviors, DISQO captures the highest quality data, empowering its clients to make confident decisions. Founded in 2015, DISQO is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with over 120 employees.