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Digging Through Data at the AI & Data Science Conference

Want complete consumer data, but ethically sourced?

From the Silicon Beach of Marina del Rey to the Silicon Hills of Glendale, Los Angeles is home to world-renowned and rapidly growing companies, making it the perfect location for data and tech enthusiasts to grow their careers. It’s also home to the International Data Engineering and Science Association, or IDEAS, which strives to bring together professionals and aspiring students in the tech industry to exchange knowledge and build their network.

This year’s conference will mark the fourth consecutive year that IDEAS has hosted an event in Los Angeles. Since the group’s inaugural event in 2016, IDEAS has also expanded to host leadership and blockchain summits in Chicago, New York, Dallas, and Boston.

This year, the AI & Data Science Conference will take place on October 26th at the LA Convention Center, where guests will learn from industry experts, network with peers, and attend training sessions to hone their technical skills.

The session tracks include everything from big data and AI to healthcare, fintech, entrepreneurship, and data analytics. Here are a few of the sessions we’re looking forward to:

Disruptive Innovation Through Technology — 10:30 to 11am
Pavel Ferreri, Global Strategy & Sales Leader at IBM, discusses disruptive innovation and the available technologies that enable companies to drive transformative results and redefine entire industries.

Building B2B Tools for Fortune 500 Companies: Data Science Edition — 11:30am-12pm
Gyan Prakash, Senior Algorithm Developer at Applied Materials, shares his experiences on building B2B products when there’s a lack of data as well as the trade-off between the protection of trade secrets and exploitation of data.

Personalization of Retails at Scale: Challenges, Infrastructure, Consumer Perception — 2:30 to 3pm
Artur Kiulian, CTO/Partner at Colab, provides an overview of personalization across the retail experience, both online and offline, and the challenges of integration, data handling, and consumer perception in real projects.

Data Science and Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World — 4 to 4:30pm
Cesar Acosta, Professor at the University of Southern California, showcases the link between data science and analytics and explains why these areas are so important in a competitive world.

Check out the full event agenda before registering for a ticket to the conference.


IDEAS stands for the International Data Engineering and Science Association. They work to build a data engineering and science hub by providing robust resources and connecting real-world expertise together from business leaders, professionals, and promising students. IDEAS nurtures community growth by offering online resources, conferences, latest industry trends, and data related job opportunities. Learn more about IDEAS memberships here.

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Want complete consumer data, but ethically sourced?