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DISQO Profile: Getting to Know David Arabyan

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The life of a Product Manager is one that’s fast-paced, demanding, and also extremely rewarding. To gain a better understanding of what the role entails, we interviewed one of our very own Product Managers, David Arabyan. From making an impact at the office to pursuing personal growth, David shares his path and strategies to success. Read more about his life in and out of the office in this week’s DISQO Profile!

The Day-to-Day

At DISQO, David is in a position where he feels “empowered to make an impact, including the products and services the company is developing,” as well as the success of those around him, which he describes as the “unwritten story of DISQO, both as a company and collection of teammates.”

There’s no average day as a Product Manager, which is one of the “best perks of the role!”

Life Before DISQO

Prior to joining the DISQO team, David was in software quality assurance, which from a development lifecycle standpoint, is on the opposite end of the spectrum from product management. He worked closely with product managers during this time, picking up some highly-effective habits and an interest in product management along the way. Reflecting on the experience, David commented that “the experience was very helpful because it gave me great insight into how the role of product managers affect the rest of the team.”

Continuously Improving

How has David grown since joining the DISQO tribe? He shared his thoughts on the topic here:

“DISQO has definitely pushed me to new heights, both professionally and personally. At DISQO, I transitioned into product management and had a lot to learn. I’ve developed existing skills and also gained insight into various new areas. Luckily, we have a wealth of knowledge and mentors around here.”

At DISQO, we strive to make a positive impact and continually lift each other. Here’s what David has to say when it comes to supporting those around him: “A huge part of what I do daily is set up my teammates for success. One of my favorite things to do is to help people by addressing any obstacles they may run into.”

Acting as a Resource

While David acts as a self-described “air traffic controller of knowledge” for his peers, he also turns to different sources to expand his knowledge. He’s a big fan of Bill Gates and recently watched his documentary. “Gates has an amazing process for solving highly-complex problems that combines his raw brain power and work ethic with his ability to organize his thoughts optimally. The series is called “Inside Bill’s Brain” on Netflix if you’re interested.”

Favorite DISQO Moment

David’s favorite DISQO moment was our 2018 holiday party, which included mock casino games. “I must’ve rolled the dice about 100 times before rolling a 7 and had amassed a giant stack of chips. Everyone around was having a great time, and we almost forgot the chips were worthless.”

Outside the Office

During his free time, David turns to music and sports to unwind. When he’s not playing basketball with the DISQO crew, he’s typically playing on a hockey team or kicking around a soccer ball.

We asked David to share some of his favorites with us and here’s what he had to say:

  • Favorite animal: He favors dogs, but reminisced about a lemur sanctuary at his old university, noting that lemurs are “really cool!”
  • Favorite app: “I like to use Robinhood. It may not be the most sophisticated brokerage, but I love the convenience of reading financial news, getting updates on stocks, and even making trades on the go.”
  • Favorite show: “My wife and I really like watching Suits. We’ve been hooked for a very long time. There’s just something about the dialogue and drama that keeps us interested. Honorable mention: Game of Thrones, sans Season 8 of course.”
  • Favorite music: “As an avid musician, I’m constantly searching for good music, regardless of the genre. As a result, my music playlist is pretty wild. It ranges from Kygo to Tool to Dexter Gordon – not a lot of country though.”
  • Fun fact: “I have a bit of ambidexterity. For example, I prefer throwing a football with my right hand but a tennis ball with my left. I also write with my right hand, but prefer my left leg in soccer. It’s weird.”

Looking Ahead

What is David looking forward to most in the next 5 years? In addition to starting a family, he’s excited to “watch DISQO grow and see our products become currency within the industry.”

He also believes the industry will change in a few ways, including “improved data sets for understanding consumers” which he believes will “fuel the need for more sophisticated data science, analytics, and visualization.”

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