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Supporting Workplace Diversity with WomenHack LA

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The Los Angeles tech scene is rapidly growing, and so are efforts to improve its gender representation. In a continual effort to empower women in the tech space, DISQO is partnering with WomenHack Los Angeles, where guests can meet members of the DISQO team and discuss their career goals face-to-face.

Hosted next Thursday, October 17th at TubeScience Studios, WomenHack LA is where talented tech enthusiasts can share their knowledge with one another and network with up to 20 companies in the industry. This two-hour event begins with a handful of talks on diversity and is followed by 5-minute interviews with the companies in attendance.

From some of the world’s most established companies to burgeoning startups, the organizations that partner with WomenHack value diversity in the workplace and are committed to helping a broader array of people find their path in tech. Aspiring tech industry entrants who attend WomenHack events can gain a better understanding of the dynamics in the industry and discover which companies are the right cultural fit for them.

The WomenHack community aims to support and inform women in the workplace through job opportunities, reviews, and industry-based discussions in a fun and pressure-free environment.

Interested in attending? Attendance for WomenHack events is invite-only, but you can apply to become a guest here. These partnering companies are hunting eagerly for top female talent including engineers, designers, product managers, and more!

About WomenHack

WomenHack promotes gender equality in tech and helps people get hired at companies that are committed to diversity in the workplace. Learn more about the organization and their upcoming events here.

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Will you be attending WomenHack Los Angeles? Let us know on Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook.

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